Is privatization good for India ? India and privatization.

Is privatization good for India ? India and privatization.

INDIA AND PRIVATIZATION !’s a very important topic in India because the government has decided to privatize…

Apr 20, 20215 min read
our motherland

A letter to motherland | Value of motherland

Dear Motherland It’s been a long time that I am thinking of picking up pen and paper and…

Jun 24, 20223 min read
what does ILS stand for?

What Is ILS And How Does an ILS Work?

So what does ILS stand for? The ‘I’ for instrument the ‘L’ for landing and the ‘S’ System…

Dec 10, 20216 min read
degree verses skills

What is more important degree or knowledge?

To be successful in life, a person should have knowledge along with degree. A degree without knowledge is…

Aug 13, 20224 min read

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Why Is NASA trying to crash Earth on Mars?

ByfoxfosterOct 28, 20226 min read

SHIELD is an idea for a Mars landing that would allow low-cost missions to reach the planet’s surface safely by employing a collapsible foundation to absorb impact. California Academy of Sciences, inc. The SHIELD Experimental Landing Vehicle is designed to absorb high-energy shocks, such as those experienced in the vehicle’s crash zone. Mars was visited nine times, each time using cutting-edge parachutes, massive airbags, and jetpacks to safely land on…


What are Uncontrolled Aerodrome? Everything you Need To Know

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uncontrolled Aerodrome Definition: It’s a location from that craft flight operations surface while not an impression tower or additional exactly wherever the tower is non-operational. It is generally conjointly known…

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What Is No-Fly Zone(NFZ): Facts concerning No Flying Zone

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In this article we’ll look these points: 1)What is flying zone 2)Origin of No-Fly Zone 3) Violation of No-Fly Zone Zelenskyy: We repeat every day: close the sky over Ukraine,Close…

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What Does Strips On Pilot’s Uniform Mean?

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EVERYTHING ABOUT A PILOT’S UNIFORM HIGHLIGHTS Why do pilots wear a uniform? What do the stripes represent? History of pilot’s uniform? How is a pilot’s uniform made? UNIFORM HISTORY You…

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What Is the James Webb Space Telescope? Details

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JAMES WEBB TELESCOPE & ANOTHER EARTH… Recently NASA put the image taken by the James Webb space telescope in the public domain. These are truly mesmerizing and unprecedented photos which…