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Suppose one has financial literacy, digital literacy, or a PhD in some domain. We would call such a person knowledgeable. But if that person starts to think highly of himself because he accumulated something more than someone else, then he is super foolish. In reality, we are all foolish people who know nothing. Just go out in a garden and have a look at the big creatures, trees, leaves, ants, air touching your body, your breath, and so on. What do we know about them apart from their physical nature, which we have known through dissection or some other means? Do we know how life functions? Forget functioning; we don’t know what life is.

Saraswati Puja - From darkness to enlightenment

Today is Saraswati Puja: she’s revered as the goddess of yoga, music, and art. The term “Vidya” comes from the word Veda. Veda is basically a repository of the knowledge gained through spiritual experiences by our sages. In short, Vidya means spirituality. It is a technology that, when used correctly, leads to the experience of Bramha, or “self.” When someone experiences himself or herself, then that person has the experience of the entire universe and beyond it, which are non-physical dimensions, as said in the Vedic and Yogic texts. So, in this full context, I pray that Maa Saraswati, the form of the creator, blossoms within you and encourages you to experience life to its fullest potential.

Saraswati Puja - From darkness to enlightenment

I’m sharing a link for you to begin your spiritual journey or the journey of non-physical or beyond life and death.

Inner Engineering Online:


I, as the writer or Foxfoster, will not be benefited in any way if you enroll in Inner Engineering. It is just the taste of immense joy I have received because of it that led me to share this link. Moreover, there is no personal bias toward the Isha Foundation; it is just because my spiritual journey began here.

The initial programmes at Isha cost some money because not everyone is equally dedicated. It takes a lot of energy to initiate someone into a spiritual process. If someone is not serious about it, then because of him/her, the one who’s initiating may get harmed. The advanced programmes at Isha are always free because, until then, your dedication is tested. So, don’t let the initial fee stop you. The returns on physical, emotional, and other spiritual aspects will be immense, and you will thank this blog later. I can assure you of it because of my eight months of experience with inner engineering practices.
Happy Saraswati Puja!
Namaskaram 🙏

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Aditya Roushan

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