Is feminism needed today?

Let’s start with a basic question. What is the difference between a man and a woman?

The answer depends on the place they are in. Let me explain.

Both of them are humans, and somehow or other, they are equally capable. The only difference between a man and a woman is their reproductive organ. Now, what’s the use of reproductive organs? to procreate and bring new life to this planet.

It means that the role of gender is very limited. In the case of human relationships, there’s only one that has something to do with gender, and that too for a short period of time. In all other relationships, including friendships, there’s no role for gender to play.

is feminism needed for today

In an office, workplace, or educational institution, gender has no role to play. But we see it playing a prominent role in our society.  Some men claim that they’re superior and strong. On the other hand, women are fighting for women’s rights. I’m not saying that they’re doing something wrong.

My only point is that the human mind understands things through dissection or differentiation. But in reality, the difference doesn’t exist, be it between white and black, men and women, or other so-called different castes, creeds, classes, etc. We’re all humans, and for the ones who have a higher level of understanding, we’re part of creation or life energy.

The way to achieve equality is not by creating further differences but by including everyone. We give preference to different castes, genders, etc. and expect inequality to end. This is not how it works. It may be a good temporary solution. But if we want equality in the true sense, then these differences must end. It can only happen when people get the right guidance and education.

is feminism needed for today

I have seen students standing outside of schools and referring to girls as “maal,” which translates to “an object.” When these kids grow up with such a mindset, we see domestic violence, rapes, and other crimes against women.

Hence, my humble request through this blog is that let’s together fight against the differences, uprooting the orthodox and suppressing societal frameworks, but with a caution that our efforts don’t further divide the society. Moreover, wisdom doesn’t come from knowledge and the accumulation of facts; it has to be gained through experience. We need to develop wisdom in the present and upcoming generations for a permanent solution to these problems. Read the blog below to get insights on it.

aditya roushn
Aditya Roushan

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  1. surbhi maheshwari

    I think equality basically begins in the mind. It’s an individual perception of treating another person as same as his/her/third gender.

    Labels aside, we all are equal and we all are valid.

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