New Year: The History of Bharat’s Decline

1st January or first day of ‘’new year”, phones start to ring and celebrations begin everywhere. Consuming meat and alcohol are on its peak on this day. Ever wondered why or how this day became the first day of the year? What is the logic or history behind it? This blog will open up your eyes by providing some super important pages of untaught history.

Have you ever celebrated April Fool’s Day? If yes, then you’re successfully brainwashed by British education system. The piece of information shared here will remove all your ignorance and even make you feel angry over our insult. The content will also make you feel true sense of pride and fortune for getting birth in this sub-continent named Bharat.

History of New Year in Independent Bharat

November 1952, Calendar Reform Committee was formed by Nehru government. Senior Indian Astrophysicist Meghnad Saha was made the head of the Calendar Reform Committee. He was asked to review all the calendars and make a report, drawing the conclusions for the most suitable calendar for Independent Bharat.

On 18 February 1953, i.e., in only three months the report was given to the government with a conclusion that Vikram Samvat should be compulsorily implemented along with Gregorian calendar. Nehru government discarded the report by the committee as the committee was just part of a political gimmick to make Hindus happy.

On March 1957, Nehru officially discarded the report by the committee and made Gregorian calendar as the only calendar to be used in government offices and works. The Gregorian calendar or the calendar we use right now is one of the most un-scientific and illogical calendars. Under which or whose influence Nehru discarded the most scientific calendar, Vikram Samvat and chose an illogical calendar for our nation? We would know this later in the blog but before it we should know about the shocking history of calendars.

The historic influence of Vikram Samvat over the Globe

Before 1752, Vikram Samvat was followed all over the world directly or indirectly because it is the most scientific calendars till today. According to it, our date changes with the sunrise i.e., nearly 5:30 in the morning. As Vikram Samvat was followed all over the world and Britain’s time is 5 hours 30 minutes before us, so, they used to change their dates with reference to us i.e., at 12 AM. It was according to Bharat’s sunrise time, the world had fixed its date change time.

The act of colonization and deeds of Nehru led us to a change our time of date change from sunrise to 12 AM. Britain fixed their date change time with reference to our sunrise and we copied them by changing our dates at 12 AM. That is called true slave mentality.

Surya Siddhantam, world’s oldest surviving book on Astronomy, establishes that Earth is spherical & gave the concept of Latitude as लɾरेखा & Longitude as देशाȶर for global positioning.

Gregorian calendar’s history of silent theft

Romans used Julian calendar or Roman Calendar which was cheap copy of Vikram Samvat and Gregorian calendar was a cheap copy of Julian calendar. Romans used to celebrate new year according to Vikram Samvat i.e., between March and April when nature’s beauty is at its peak, trees bring new leaves on themselves and a joyful season is present. Britishers had shifted their New Year to January 1. So, when they came to Bharat, they made fun of our ancestor’s by calling it Fool’s day. Our New Year is in Chaitra Shukla Paksha pratipada(first day) falls in March and April and therefore they called it April fool. Its pretty unfortunate that we carry that tradition of Britishers till today and we’ve become pseudo-Britishers with no cultural dignity. Its up to your self-esteem and love towards Bharat Mata that you wish to carry this tradition of our genius ancestor’s insult or not.

Now, let us know the logic or reason behind the name of months : –

  •  January – Named after Roman god Janus.
  • February – Named after the Roman goddess called Februa.
  • March – Named after Roman god of war called Mars.
  • April – Comes from a Roman word for “second” – aprilis – as it was the second month
    of the Roman year.
  • May – Named after Roman god Mars’s mother named Maia.
  • June – Named after Roman god Jeus’s wife named Juno.
  • July – Julius Caesar was born and died in this month. So, this month was named after
    him to give respect.
  • August – Named after Augusta Caesar.
  • September – Seventh month
  • October – Eighth month
  • November – Ninth month
  • December – Tenth month

Now, one can clearly see that how Roman calendar was copied from Vikram Samvat and Gregorian calendar was copied from Roman calendar. They didn’t even change the name of months as the 12th month has Dec in it which means ten. Now it’s evident that who’s real fool. There is no logic in this calendar as July and August are named after great Roman warriors, so, these months have 31 days in it. Moreover, we can also see how Latin is a copy of Sanskrit language with words like sept, oct, no, dec, maia etc.

We should not have used such an un-scientific and illogical calendar when we had Vikram Samvat based on works of a genius Astro-physicist named Aryabhatta. Vikram Samvat was started by Raja Vikramaditya ji but this samvat was only started to make the year count short, otherwise, we do have calendar which starts back right from the origin of first life on this planet. One who follows any Bhartiya samvat can simply look at the sky and tell which day and date it is. These calendars are based on advanced and accurate calculations of different planets and Earth. Instead of choosing this master piece, a calendar was chosen which is absolutely rubbish but we follow it till today.

Why Nehru did this to us?

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The reason lies in Macaulay’s education system. On 2 February 1835, Macaulay gave a speech in British Parliament. He said “We must do our best to form a class who may be interpreters between us and the millions we govern. A class of persons, Indian in blood and color but English in taste, opinions, words and intellect.”

This man designed our education system after destroying our gurukul system. The education system created by him is still followed us. He had written a letter to his father in which he mentions about the impact Britishers expected from this education policy.

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Nehru was a product of this education policy and everyone knew that he’s no more than a Black Britisher. Unfortunately, most of us educated from this education system are structured to be like him. Macaulay’s education system had primary goals of filling minds with useless information, making us feel inferior by not educating us about our glorious past and cutting us off from our cultural roots. Ultimately, he succeeded as most of the people in our nation have become ignorant with no or very less knowledge about our history, scriptures and knowledge of self (spirituality).

One who forgets his/her nation, ancestors, culture and scientific traditions are eventually destroyed. If someone is untouched by his/her traditions and culture then that person is most likely to loose his/her values, morality and will be leading a life running behind materialistic happiness.

Today the name of station, road, universities etc. are kept on the name of these traitors. The traitors who destroyed us in every way possible, we have still kept them alive with their names on different places. It’s the same as someone occupying your house killing or abusing people in the house but after they’re gone, you keep your children’s name on that person’s name. What can be more shameful than this? If someone tries to change it then we dis-courage him by saying that does it matter. Really, do we have some self-respect left within ourselves?

We’re blindly copying western culture, trends, buildings and everything
possible but we are kept unknown of the fact that our ancestors have built a far better and strong base in most fields.

The light of knowledge kills the darkness of ignorance. The only way to make India, Bharat again is by killing our ignorance by reading scriptures like Satyarth Prakash, Ved, Yoga Vasistham etc., gain knowledge from multiple sourcesabout history, science etc. and turning inwards through ancient spirituality.

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Every insult of our Bharat Mata is our own mother’s insult. Till the time, it doesn’t hurt that deep, you won’t be able to gain your forgotten dignity back. Stop insulting your ancestors in the name of fun by making April fools, instead, make people fool on 1st January as you know the logic behind it. Our Hindi New Year falls on exactly 1st April of year 2022. Keep all your new year wishes preserved till then.

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