How to improve your memory and concentration?

Are you facing problem in memorizing? Do you have low concentration power? If you have any of these difficulties then you don’t need to worry because in this blog, I am going to tell you why are you facing these difficulties and after that how can you really improve. So, let’s get started.

Look, at first you should know the reasons…


You will not be able to really concentrate until you know why are you doing this, what will you get from it, what is the future of whatever you are doing right now and the last but not the least, what do you want really want to achieve. This is the first and the foremost reason why you are unable to concentrate and you should know the answers to these questions, only then you will be able to actually concentrate and it will help you in the long run. The other reasons could be distractions, lack of proper sleep, multitasking, overthinking, and lack of proper diet.


goal in life

One way to improve your memory and concentration could be the further evolution of human brain so that your intellect will be more developed and sharper. So, what do you think can our brains be evolved further? Around four years ago, neuroscientists came to know the fact that the human brain can’t evolve further. Because the only way, the brain can be evolved is‐ either by increasing the size of the neuron so as to be more capable or by increasing the number of neurons. But it cannot be done because as you will increase the size of the neuron, the volume of energy that it consumes will become such that the body will not be able to sustain and if the number of neurons will be increased then the clarity will be lost. That’s why neurology is saying that the human brain cannot evolve further because the physical loss will not allow it. And the Adi yogi had once said that unless the dynamics of the solar system changes which means unless the physical loss will happen, we can’t evolve further. But there is another way to do it. The way that you are right now,

whatever are the limitations that the nature has fixed on us, that is not 100%, if you strive then you can cross these boundaries because we humans have neuroplasticity so we can retrieve ourself. By doing different activities, you can change the very shape of your brain and in doing that the gray matter (contains most of the nerve cells that control decision making, memory and emotion) in your brain can be increased or decreased in different areas of the brain. The University of California had a study on this and now they are saying that the neuronal regeneration in brain is 241% higher than the normal when we practice it. Everybody could do it, people who are in an age of 30, generally there is depletion of neuronal production, what is being replaced and what is being depleted are not equal but for you as you are right now, what is being depleted is less than what is being replaced. A strong memory depends on the health and vitality of your brain whether you are a student studying for an exam or a working professional. There is a lot to do to enhance your gray matter and mental performance, the human brain has that much astonishing ability that it can adapt and can change even in old age. This ability is known as neuroplasticity. With a right stimulation, your brain can form new neuronal pathways, even after having existing connections and can adapt and react in every changing way, the human brain’s incredible ability to reshape itself holds true when it comes to learning and memorizing.

You can use the natural power of neuroplasticity to enhance your ability to learn new information, increase your abilities and improve your memory and concentration at any age. Memory is a mental faculty; it can be trained just like your muscles can be trained. It becomes very critical for your brain to function the same way as you are right now when you enter the age of 40’s or 50’s. So, if you wish to live till 80’s or 90’s in the same manner as of now, you should keep exercising your brain as you do for your muscles.


You train your muscles by exercising it, right? Same is the case for your brain also. Those who have retired and have stopped exercising their brain; they are thinking it’s okay, there is no need to do mental exercise and hence slowly they become subject to dementia (it is a persistent disorder of the mental processes). So, this is the nature of your body and your brain. The repeated mental exercise keeps the brain alert. For example‐ if you keep on solving the maths problem, the portion of your brain responsible for maths will start getting packed with the gray matter and you will start getting more better and better at it. In the same way, the question was how to enhance memory? There are two ways: ‐ The first one is to exercise the memory again and again. And the second is by learning focus. See, the students struggle to prepare for their exams on the next day. But, to score well in a test match, a batsman doesn’t need to memorize, as they know it all by heart. Then, what makes the difference? Why are the students struggling while the batsman knows it by heart? The students have approached their subjects just to pass the examination and that without any interest and hence they are distracted while doing it. But, for the case of batsman‐ you can say he may be little forced but he is doing it with his interest. So, whatever you want to commit to your memory, apply focus to it and repeat it again and again because repetition is the mother of learning. And for doing that, your physical as well as mental health are equally important. According to the Medical Science, we get mental and physical health by having good exercise and good diet. So, if you wish to have a good memory, first of all ensure that you are getting a good exercise and a good diet. You can see, the people having these two are champions. For example: ‐ The World Chess Champions, until the year 2000, there were no super computers that could defeat the World Chess Champions and the scientists were saying, “How is that happening?” And they came to know that the grandmasters had memorized more than 50,000 games which he is using while playing. Such a tremendous memory. If you read about the chess champions like Viswanathan Anand, an Indian Chess grandmaster and former world chess champion for five times, you will find that he had good diet and exercise in his daily routine. He knew that exercise will help in the improvement of the memory as well as in the sharpening of the intellect.


You can add some brain boosting foods like fish, egg, nuts, tea or coffee, fruits and vegetables in order to improve your memory and concentration, these foods not only help you to improve your memory and concentration but also reduce the risk of stroke age related neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.


In simple words, you can say‐ At first, find the reason why you are not able to concentrate? and then try to get rid of that problem. After that, for having good memory and concentration, you must have good exercise and good diet in your daily routine. Once you have these two, apply focus to whatever you want to commit to your memory and repeat it again and again. According to the discovery of researchers, the regular practice of anything for 21 days has the ability to change the configuration of your brain. Do it and it will improve your memory as well as concentration for sure.


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