How to become a commercial pilot in India?| What is Cadet pilot programme?


Choosing a career as a Commercial Pilot is not only a challenging task but also a blessed and enthusiastic one. Pilot job has always been considered to be one of the most exciting and thrilling career choices.

A career as a Pilot not only offers high salaries but also thrilling and adventurous experiences, if you want to become a pilot, you need to start at the age of 17 or more. To become a Commercial Pilot, the students need to get the license and start a training.


A Commercial Aircraft Pilot is a highly-skilled professional and full of responsibilities who flies aeroplanes or helicopters for business purposes, which may include transportation of passengers or cargo, traffic monitoring, emergency rescue and evacuation operations during hazards, aircraft testing, firefighting and crop dusting. Usually, commercial airlines appoint at least two persons as pilot crew, i.e. a Captain and the First Officer or Co-Pilot.


1. You should be a 12th pass out or a high school pass out with maths and physics or its equivalent.
2. You should be a citizen of India.

3. You should have CLASS ONE medical certificate.

4. You should be capable of bearing the high expenses of training.


There are two ways to become a commercial pilot in India.

  1. Cadet pilot programme
  2. Conventional pilot programme


● About::-

A cadet pilot programme is essentially an airline taking responsibility for all your        ( trainee ) training from Avenue sure to an airline Cockpit right after your high school or twelfth till you get to the airline Cockpit.

● How to get CPL (commercial pilot liscence) through Cadet pilot programme::-

In a Cadet pilot, airline picks you up after your 12th or high school, puts you up through a test wherein they have a written test, they have an interview, they probably have simulator to check a basic simulator check, they test you on your basic knowledge of aviation and based on the way you fail you are accepted into the cadet pilot programme.

Now the Cadet Pilot programme will train you for CPL (commercial pilot license).
They will send you to an approved CPL training center approved by the airline followed by a multiengine rating which in all probability will be done at the same training center followed by a TYPE RATING which the airline will conduct at the one of once at one of their approved training center followed by the airline training process training you in the SOP (standard operating procedures) is training you in their procedures, the work during this Cadet pilot programme the airline will insert various checks for example you need to clear the regulatory examination in India if the airline sends you U.S or to other country, you all need to get the American’s liscence or respective country’s CPL and come back to India give the conversion examination to convert your CPL into Indian CPL, this is the one check and if you manage to not clear the regulatory examination you obviously fail the Cadet pilot programme.

After training, when they send you for type rating you go through a whole bunch of
checks, checks during your type rating and checks after your type rating. If you don’t clear those checks you obviously fail the Cadet pilot programme. Based on the airline policy you will be given a certain number of chances but this is how the airline regulates quality within a Cadet pilot programme.

Once you done with your Cadet pilot programme and you are done with your type
rating then the airline finally offers you the employment and starts paying you, maybe there are some airlines which pay you during the Cadet pilot programme they’ll call it a STIPEND but most airline will start paying you only after you are done with your final simulator check or your final simulator check post the type rating. Now, after your all checks you are fully employed with the airline, they send you for your standard operating procedure training (SOP training) in the airline followed by your supernumerary flights and your supervised line flying after which you released as a first officer in that airline and that’s when you are fully released as a first officer fully employed with the airline and flying as the first officer in the airline. This is what a Cadet pilot programme does.

● Advantages of a Cadet pilot programme:–

1. You are prepound for the decision of airline employment.

2. Orientation – means Cadet programme right from your CPL orient you for flying procedures to the company you joined it.
3. Makes the course more easy and streamlined.

● It’s cost::-

It is really very expensive. Though it gives the employment guarantee but it is way too expensive, in India many Cadet pilot programmes cost around 85 Lakhs INR and many Cadet pilot programmes cost around more than a Crore.

● Should you go for the Cadet pilot programme?

This is a subjective topic and means many people go for it and many don’t. The reason is the cost for this training. It is way expensive than the CONVENTIONAL PILOT TRAINING (about conventional pilot training i have made a different blog). Those who can afford approx. 1 crore INR can go to Cadet programme as they give employment guarantee. But having less than A crore in pocket don’t go for Cadet programme.

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  2. It’s is very useful to read this article . Those who want to become the pilot then can absolutely read this article.

  3. It’s is very useful to read this article . Those who want to become the pilot then can absolutely read this article.

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