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Augmented Flight Crew : A flight crew that contains over the minimum variety required to work the heavier-than-air craft and during which every flight crewman will leave his or her assigned  post and get replaced by another flight crewman, UN agency shall hold qualifications which area unit adequate or superior to those command by the crewman UN agency is to get replaced for the purpose of in-flight rest.

Duty : Any task that flight crew members area unit needed by the operator to perform, including, for example, flight duty, body work, training, positioning and standby once it’s possible to introduce fatigue.

Duty Period : A amount that starts once a flight crewman is needed by associate operator to report for or start a requirement and ends once that person is free from all duties.

Fatigue : A state of reduced mental or physical capableness resulting from sleeping loss or extended wakefulness , unit of time part, or work (mental and/or physical activity) that may impair a crew member’s alertness and skill to safety operate associate craft or perform safety connected duties.

Flight Duty Period : A amount that commences once a flight crewman is needed to report for duty that has a flight or a series of flights and that finishes once the aeroplane finally involves rest and therefore the engines area unit pack up at the top of the last flight on which he/she may be a crewman.

Flight Time : The entire time from the instant associate heavier-than-air craft initial moves for the aim of taking off till the instant it finally involves rest at the top of the flight.

Note:- “Flight time” as here outlined is similar with the term “block to block” time or “chock to chock” time normally usage that is measured from the time associate heavier-than-air craft initial moves for the aim of coming out till it finally stops at the top of the flight.

Home Base : The situation appointed  by the operator to the crewman from wherever the crew member usually starts and ends a requirement amount or a series of duty periods.

Local Night :  A amount of eight hours falling between twenty two.00 and 08.00 time.Neighbouring Countries. Countries whose common place times falls at intervals of a  band of three hours (1:30 hours on either aspect of India) i.e. countries lined within the civil time zone band of UTC+4 to UTC+7.

Positioning : The transferring of a non-operating crewman from place to put as apassenger at the command of the operator.

Note:- “Positing” as here outlined is similar with the term ”Deadheading”.

Reporting Time : The time at that flight crew members area unit needed by associate operator to report for duty.

Rest Period :  associate uninterrupted and outlined amount of your time throughout that a crewman is free from all duties and flying field standby.

Split Duty (Break) means that a amount freed from all duties, which counts as duty, being less than a rest period

Standby : it’s an outlined amount of your time throughout that a flight crewman is needed by the operator to be accessible to receive associate assignment for a particular duty while not associate intervening rest period. but it shall not embody associatey time throughout that an operator needs a crew member to be contactable for the aim of giving notification of a requirement that is because of begin 10 hours or additional ahead.

Ultra Long vary (ULR) Operations : Continuous non-stop flights between the particular town pairs having a flight time of over sixteen hours and duty periods between eighteen and twenty two hours.

Unforeseen Operational Circumstance :  hit and miss event, like uniforecast weather, equipment malfunction, or air delay that’s on the far side the management of the operator.

Window of unit of time Low (WOCL) is best calculable by the hours between 0200 and 0600 for individuals custom-made to a usual day-wake/night sleep schedule. This estimate of the window is calculated from scientific information on the unit of time low of performance, alertness, subject report (i.e. , peak fatigue), and

Body Temperature :  For flight duty periods that cross three or fewer time zones, the window of circadian law is calculable to be 0200 to 0600 for individual home-base/domicile time for the first forty eight hours solely. when a crewman remains over forty eight hours faraway from home-base/ domicile time, the window of unit of time law is calculable to be 0200 to 0600 brought up native time at the purpose of departure.


Every operator shall establish a theme for obliging with the restrictions for flight time, flight duty periods, duty periods and rest periods laid out in this automotive in respect of flight crew members.


A flight crewman shall not operate associate heavier-than-air craft once he or she is aware of that he or she is dog-tired or feels unfit to the extent that the protection of flight is also adversely affected. Flight crew members shall build best use of facilities and opportunities that area unit provided for rest and for the consumption for meals, and shall arrange and use rest periods to confirm that they’re totally rested .

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