Tips on how to study smartly?

How to study smartly?

You must have heard or known that one should prefer studying smart over hard but How ?And how much would it benefit over the way you are currently doing the things.

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So here is the answer according to the book “the art of memory “ people remember the things what they question for like “how”, “When” would I need this information just like the way you start memorizing things just before exam at a high rate because of the urgency and our brain responds to urgency very well whether its an college assignment submission date or last night of exam .

The next thing is repetition its fairly important because if we repeat a thing over and over it eventually get transferred from our subconscious to our permanent memory the reason is if we repeat any thing again and again, our brain takes this information to be very important just like our own “Names” and that is the way memory graph works .

So in application of this in real life you can remember a thing at once then repeat it after a particular time interval like pick  the first one to be half an hour, the next one after next sleep and then after two days and finally after a week this would ensure you that have learnt fair amount of information. The next thing is whatever you learn try to teach it to the person with absolute zero amount of knowledge about that thing this would make you breaking down of the complex concepts in a simple way and at a same time it would help you to cross check whether you are having proper knowledge or not. At last take breaks during your studies and ensure you are having a fair amount sleep because sleep affects the efficiency of our mind In whole lot of ways because lack of sleep takes our person’s ability to focus and problem solving ability and sleep is that time which makes transference of information from subconscious to permanent memory.

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