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A superstition is excessively credulous attitude that something is the case or that something about that case is true. As the word itself revels that it is blind faith in something. It generally results from the misunderstanding of the Science and belief that is based on miracles, black magic and not Science i.e., trust in supernatural powers.


We have a long history of superstitions, although there is no single reason for being superstitious but it mainly arises from various beliefs and myths around the world. When people don’t find any cause to explain the particular situation, they start believing in magic rather than the logic that is present right there because it gives them a sense of satisfaction, positive attitude and also the ability to predict the unknown. The most common superstition is believing in fate, luck, etc.

Let us take a real example- The Malaria cases in the urban areas of India started to multiply, and the upsurge of Malaria was widespread in the late 1960s. Many lives were lost. Many were saying that the God has got angry, dark age has come and no one will be left. Such things were happening. Think what the hell they were talking that the God has got angry, and all were accepting it. So, the saints were saying do this, do that and all will be fine but if it is so then why all were dying even after doing those things? Everything that a man did not create i.e., the basic elements for example- The Sun- does it differentiate between good or bad that I would give light to him and not to him since he is and he isn’t? Look at the water itself, it doesn’t say I would go in its body and not in his. Think yourself. Only the cause should be understood, as soon as the cause came to know, the antidote came all understood that the God was not angry, it was all because of a mosquito. If someone gets Malaria today what do people say go here, go there or go the doctor? The main reason for this is- instead of learning from the past, we simply forget everything and repeat the same things again and again. A lot of life has been lost due to Covid and still the superstitious people are saying that the dark age has come, God is angry that’s why all these is happening.  

Whatever is happening in your life, good or bad, who is responsible for it- you or someone else. Think of your own. You know what you are doing at all? First think about it whatever you are doing and saying, are they same or different? Whatever the saints are saying, people are doing it blindly, they do not put their mind behind it all because they say trust me, and where this word comes it simply means don’t doubt. We should try to know the cause behind. Although nothing like miracles exists on this planet, everything that a person doesn’t understand is a miracle for him, and the cause behind that miracle is known, then that’s Science. So, we should always try to know the reality. Reality is not just about the reality of things which is there but to understand what is there, what is not there is also a part of reality.


  • Sweeping in the evening will take out the prosperity of your house- It is a very big misconception in India that if one sweeps in the evening then the prosperity or goddess Lakshmi of the house is lost but the fact is that, in olden days, by sweeping in the evening, beautiful ornaments were lost as the light of the lamp was not enough to see the things properly.
  • Women are not allowed to enter the temple or the kitchen during menstruation- It is believed that women during her menstruation cycle is unholy or assuddh. So, she is not allowed to enter the temple as well as kitchen. But the main reason being that the menstruation cycle is marked by headache, rise in body temperature, mood swings, stomach cramps, etc. so, she becomes weak and hence is not allowed to do any work just to get rid of burdens.
  • Fallen hair inside your house will bring fight in your family- The real reason behind being if you leave the fallen hair, it may fall inside the food when the wind blows.
    Falling off lizard on human is a bad luck- If a lizard falls off it means something bad is going to happen but the actual reason behind this superstition is that the house lizard is poisonous so for avoiding any harm falling of lizard is not considered good.
  • Breaking of mirror can bring seven years of bad luck for you- In ancient time, mirrors were expensive, so to save it from breaking down, Romans created rumors that the breaking down of mirror can bring seven years of bad luck.
  • Shaving or cutting of nails after the sunset is not good- In ancient time as there was no electricity so cutting of the nails or shaving after the sunset would result in serious cuts. So, it was recommended not to cut or shave after the sunset.
  • Don’t go near or under a peepal tree at night- It is a misbelief that if you go near or under the peepal tree at night, the ghost will follow you. But the actual reason is that during night the trees inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, so if you will go under the peepal tree, you may feel unconscious due to the lack of oxygen.
  • Black cat crossing your path at night brings bad fortune- In ancient time, people use to travel by bullock carts at night using lantern in forest. So, every single time if animals like cats or foxes crosses their path, the horses or cows were scared by the glowing eyes. It doesn’t bring anything with it, a black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going someone. But unfortunately, people are still considering the black cat as misfortune.


The modern superstition is that we are free of superstitions. It is the poison of mind, looking at it closely tells us that there is no any logic behind the superstitions.

“ A superstition is a premature explanation that overstays its time.”

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