How to manifest something you really want?

Even without doing any activity you can still manifest what you want. If you organize these four dimensions in one direction and keep it unwavering in that direction for a certain period of time.


People usually believe God will do all for him and it will happen. So, is God going to come and do it for you ? No, I want you to understand, God will not do it for you. What has not happened till now on this planet, can happen tomorrow. Human beings are capable of making things happen tomorrow.


Whatever we as human beings have created on this planet, would have essentially first created in our minds. All that we see, which is human work on this planet, first found expression (or came) in the mind then it got manifested in the outside world. The wonderful as well as the horrible things that we’ve done on this planet both have come from the human mind. So, if we’re concerned as to what we create in this world, it’s extremely important that first of all we learn to create the right things in our mind, how we keep our minds.


If we don’t have the power to keep our minds the way we want it, what we create in the world is going to be very disorganized and accidental. So, learning to create our minds the way we want is the basis of creating the world the way we want (manifest). A well-established mind, a mind which is in a state of samyukti is reffered to as a Kalpavriksha (meaning a wishing tree). If  you organize your mind to a certain level of organization, it in turn will organize the whole system- your body, your emotions, your energy, everything gets organized in that direction. Once all these four dimensions of you- your physical body, your mind, your emotion and the fundamental life energies are organized in one direction and once you’re like this, anything that you wish happen even without lifting a small finger actually.

Right now the problem with your mind is : Every moment it is changing it’s direction. It is like you want to travel somewhere and after every two steps if you keep changing your direction the question of reaching the destination is very uncertain unless it happens by chance. So, if you organize your minds in one direction then in turn your whole system will be organized in one direction and if you do this, you’re a Kalpavriksha yourself. Anything that you manifest will happen. But right now if everything that you wished happens, will you be able to digest it?

No, you’ll be finished. Everything and everybody that you’ve desired for, if all of them come today, could you live with that? Once we’re empowered like this, it’s very important to control the four dimensions and should be properly directed. If it is not so, we become self-destructive. Right now, this is our problem. The technology which is supposed to make our life beautiful and easy, has become the source of all the problems, and we’re destroying the very basis of our life, which is the planet. We can say: IN SEARCH OF GOLD, WE ARE LOSING DIAMOND.

In the last hundred years or so, it has really became a threat to our life, simply because we’re not conscious of our actions, also we’re in a compulsive state of action. So, organizing our minds fundamentally means moving from a compulsive state of activity to a conscious state of activity. You must have heard of people who ask or manifest their will for something and beyond all expectations it becomes true for them. Generally, this happens to people who are in faith (believers). Now, let’s say you want to start a business. If you start thinking “Oh I want to start a business, to start a business I need fifty lakhs but I’ve only fifty rupees in my pocket”.

“Not possible, Not possible, Not possible”. The moment you say, “Not possible” you’re also saying “I don’t want it” indirectly. So, on one side you’re creating a desire that you want something , manifest to achieve something, on other hand you’re saying, “I don’t want it”. So, in this conflict it may not happen. Someone who has some faith in God or whatever, who is simple-minded, faith really works only for those people who are simple-minded.

A person who has faith in God, he goes to temple and manifest their will , God I want to start a business. I don’t know how, it’s all up to you”. Now in his mind there is no negative thoughts. It is completely removed by the simple act of having faith, he believes God will do it for him and it will happen. So, is God going to come and start a business for you? No, I want you to understand God won’t do anything. What you refer to God is the source of creation (creator), and as a creator he has done his job very well.

So, if life has to happen the way you think it should happen, first of all, how do you think, with how much focus do you think, how much stability is there in your thought and how much reverberance is there in your thinking process will determine whether your thought will become a reality or it is going to be your thought only.


One main reason is- we think ‘Is something possible or not possible’, it’s not your business, it’s nature’s business and this is destroying the humanity. Your business is just to stick for what you want. Also, you generally use the past experiences of our life as a basis for deciding whether something is possible or not. Or in other words, you’ve already decided that what has not happened till now in your life, can’t happen in your life in future. This is a disgrace to the human spirit and humanity. What has not happened till now on this planet can happen tomorrow and it is only we who is capable of making it happen.

goal in life

The foremost and the first thing is– you must be clear, what is it that you want ? If you don’t know what you want then the question of creating it doesn’t arise.


If you look at what you want, what every human being wants is: he wants a joyful and peaceful life in terms of his relationships, he wants it to be a loving and affectionate. Or in other words, people is seeking for pleasantness within himself. This pleasantness, if it happens in our body, we call it pleasure and health. If it happens in our mind, we call it joy and peace. If it happens in our emotion, we call it love and compassion. If it happens in our energy, we call it blissful. That’s all a human being is looking for. Whether he wants to make money, he is going to office or whatever he is looking for the same thing; pleasantness all around.

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  2. Kaushal kr shrivastava

    It is a very nice blog ever I read I haven’t any word for this. I love this and it is a very very nice blog …………….

    Love it..😍😘😘😘😘😘😘

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