How to get rid of emotional pain?

How to Get Rid of a Negative Emotion?

Numbing to the pain for a while makes it worse when u feel it. Pain is not always a sensation caused by illness or injury but also a sensation caused by emotion. Emotionally when you are attached to someone and you feel as if you would never separate from each other but all of sudden it happens to you. This is what we call an emotional breakdown and the sensation which will occur at that time is referred to as emotional pain. Pain does not just break us emotionally but mentally also. Our mind stops working and only negative thoughts come to our mind. But there is always a way to get rid of that pain and a person also who helps you to get out of this and that is you. Without You, it is impossible to get rid of the pain.

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Generally, people say that the best way to get rid of the pain is to forget and move on. But this is not always a solution, run away from pain is not a solution. You should be a part of that pain because it belongs to you and increases your tolerance to bear your pain. If you will forget and move on for certain times you will feel good but it will come again. But if you will face that pain and increase your tolerance it will never come back to you. The first thing which we should do is to find out the reason for the pain and we all know that a problem well stated is a problem half solved. And it has been noticed that expectation is the main reason for every emotional pain. Now the question arises like “how it is a problem?”. Before that we have one more question, what is the expectation? It’s a delusion, e.g. I should be treated like this, I should be loved like this, I should be dealt with like this, I should be respected like this, and this is what we called an expectation. We are all living a life of high expectations. Expectation from family, expectations from friends, expectations from our loved ones, and when those expectations are not fulfilled we get frustrated and experience some pain.

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One thing which we all should know is that people do not exist in this world just to fulfill your expectation. The more you expect the more you will be hurt. Our life is all about the expectation from childhood only when we are a child we expect from our parents, when we are young we expect from our friends and loved ones and when we become old we expect from our child. There is no problem to expect but understand that not everyone will fulfill your expectation. Your expectation should be realistic otherwise you will not receive anything but pain. Don’t allow anyone to control your emotion. Don’t allow anyone to remote control you otherwise you will be changing according to their interest just like TV channels. So do not expect anything from everyone. And don’t ever give them control of how you feel to someone else and avoid the word expectation. Start learning to spread love because if you want to be loved by someone it means you are controlled by someone but if you want to spread love who can stop you.

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