What is the age of maturity ?


In our day ­to ­day life, we often hear someone say­ “That is a completely immature person” or “That person is mature way beyond his age”. What do we mean by these statements? What do we mean when we say parents are more mature than their children? In this article, we are going to discuss everything.

What do we understand by maturity?

Maturity is nothing but the degree of misery that a person has to go through. In our childhood, most of us are naïve and we don’t understand the consequences of our actions. We act randomly and as we like because we know we have our parents at our back always to be held responsible. By the age of twelve thirteen, a sense of being sensible and taking responsible of our actions develops within us. This is due to the rash actions taken in the past and the experience gained from them. Slowly and gradually with age, we all get to experience various situations that demand high responsibility, calmness, decision making abilities and other factors that makes us more mature. We get unaffected by the time wasting activities and indulge ourselves in activities that actually matter. We actually get to be mature and imbibe those in our peers, friends and people around us. When we say elder people, parents are more mature than us, we actually mean to say that they may or may not have experienced the same situation before. But sure enough they have experienced misery and tough situations to a maybe much greater extent in their lives. Hence we say that they can guide us through the tough times as well because they are mature enough to find proper solutions for our problem.

Only aged people are mature?

Does maturity come with time?

In recent times, we see that some children experience severe trauma and have to go through many rough experiences in the early stages of their life. Many teenagers have already experienced failures, heartbreaks, lost dear ones and other miseries in their adolescence. They become much more sensible and mature and are able to take responsibility for their actions. We say that these are the ones that mature before their age. A different new person is reborn within them. That said, it doesn’t mean that everyone matures with their age. A person in his twenties starts smoking and indulges in other illegal activities, because that seems ‘cool’ according to everyone. That is not maturity. A 15 year old kid might be much more mature than a 30 year old one.

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