What is the meaning of stand-up comedy?

What is stand-up comedy?

Stand-up comedy, one of the most-watched topic on social media platforms and YouTube. This topic is becoming so famous to our youth generation nowadays. It’s not to tell funny jokes in front of a bunch of people. It’s an art. Comedians make unfunny jokes also funny with their body language and their accent. But there is some category of jokes like some random jokes, some political jokes, some religious jokes, and some jokes on some serious issues of our society.

Benefits of stand-up comedy?

 In my opinion, most of the time stand of comedy is funny. When you are depressed, tensed you can watch a show on the internet or attend a show. I trust you will get relief. They believe that if you are going through hell make a joke out of it. So whenever a problem comes to you don’t be tensed or depressed, make a smile and sort it out. But i like them most for their concern for society. Most of the comedians pick up some random faults of our society like dowry system, superstition and makes peoples awareness in such a way that people also get entertainment. 

Does stand-up comedy creates controversy?

most of the time when a stand-up comedian serves a few jokes on iconic persons it creates controversy. Like a few months ago a famous stand-up comedian “Kunal karma” heckled famous news reporter “Arnab Goswami” On a flight of indigo on some serious issues. But after that Kunal karma was banned from 5 airline companies. Not only that a few years back in 2016, a stand-up comedian named  “Tanmay Bhat” Make some jokes on Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar on a FB post. But people take that seriously. NCP women wing burned Tanmay Bhat’s dolls on the streets. 


So, I can say that stand-up comedy is very funny. If people don’t get offended. We have to understand that criticism is the backbone of democracy. So as a citizen of a democratic country we have to take criticism as a fun purpose.

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