How To Deal With Hardships Of Life?

When will you learn, how to handle your emotion, how to handle your thought?

In our life, there are many phases when we feel we are depressed, we are lonely and everybody is against us and there is no one to talk about our problem(I.e.  Hardship of life). So ,now the question comes, how should we deal with it?

hardship of life

This is really an unfortunate condition when we the human beings think that the whole universe is against us. YOUR THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS ARE THE DRAMA THAT YOU CREATE IN YOUR MIND. It’s not the reality, it is only our psychological condition, because even when you feel depressed or lonely, you have the interaction with the world when you breathe, eat, etc., isn’t? But our mind goes against everything present in the universe. So, it create a psychological condition in which you see everyone is against you, you’ll be hurt by the small things. Even small things- it may be that somebody ditched you, may be you’re failed in the examination, may be you’re evicted from home. Now, you’ll be thinking, are these small things? Yes, these are the small things between life and death. It is the harsh truth- we came with nothing in our hands and we’ll go with nothing. Even then, there are some people who take a lot of tension as if the whole universe is on his/her head and he/she has to look after all the things going on this planet, which is nothing but the only psychological condition of that person. So, what are we talking about? Our emotions and thoughts, Right? Not others’ thought or emotions. Now, the question is:-

When should you know, How to handle your thoughts and emotions?

hardship of life,willpower

When are you going to know how to handle your thoughts and emotions? Slowly. At the end of your life? The only problem really with our life is just this because it has became a culture or you can say a trend that when we cross the age of 60, when you’ll not be able to do anything, only then we should know all these things (spirituality), which is not good. Whatever is important about your life, most profound about you, you should know soonest at the earliest possible age. You must know how to deal with your problems, how to fix them, isn’t it? Only then you’ll be able to lead a sensible and happy life. I want you to understand that whatever you’re going through, these are not problems and most importantly always keep in mind that you are not suffering your life. Then,o.

What are you suffering?

You are only suffering the two fantastic faculties:- memory and imagination. These two things are god-gifted and only we the human beings have access to it and due to these two, our life is so rich unlike other living creatures of this world. Now, this is what you are suffering, whatever happened some years back, you’re still suffering from, why? So, now you can answer, what are you suffering? Is it your life or your memory? Memory! And you’re also suffering what will happen in your future, what is it? Is it really going on in your life, right now or is it your so -called imagination? It’s imagination! We are suffering from the two most fantastic faculties that we have as a human being or in short, we are suffering our own intelligence.

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