How to make money online in india?

In today’s generation, everyone wants to earn money. Even if someone has a permanent job he tries to earn more through a side income. Nowadays everyone wants to earn money without working hard, but the main problem is that they don’t know the path. They don’t know the easiest way to earn money. They don’t know that their skills can pay them. Many people restrict themself to take certain actions in the fear of occurring a loss. But until and unless you don’t take a risk you won’t earn anything. Either you work hard or you take risks. So, today I’m going to tell you some ways to earn money without any risk. The methods which I’m going to tell you will make you  money online and these are the easiest way to earn money online.

Patience is the key to virtue. To earn money online the most important thing is patience. To earn a passive income it must take 3 to 4 months. Secondly, the most important thing in online earning is willpower. Once, sir Warren Buffet said that no one wants to become rich slow. he also wanted to say that his investment plans are so simple that even a common man can copy them. So, without any further delay let’s talk about all those methods in which you can earn a good passive income.


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If you are a working person and you have some free time, blogging is one of the best sources of passive income. It’s on you that if you want to give your full time in it or your free time. If you give your full time in blogging can earn you a great amount.

You can understand this in 3 simple terms.

  • Blog: When you search for something in google the article that is displayed is known as a blog.

  • Blogging: Writing an article is know and blogging. You can learn more about blogging from.

  • Blogger: Those who write an article and publish it in google is known as a blogger.



One of the best ways to earn passive income is AFFILIATE MARKETING. In affiliate marketing, you have to join an affiliate program of a company and promote their product. If you sell the product you get paid for it. This is one of the best ways to earn passive income. If you want to buy a product sitting at home you can buy that product using the affiliate link, you will get 4% to 10% of the commission. 


Freelancing is one of the famous and easy ways to earn passive income among the others. If you are good enough in skills like article writing, product promotion, data entry, translation, assignments making, data entry, graphic designing etc. then you can earn a good amount from it. One thing to remember is that the better you are from others, the more you will earn.


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If you are using social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, etc., and have a good experience in it you can become a social media manager. Many celebrities/creators/actors give their social media handle to experts to handle it. And they pay a good amount for the work. If you want to work as a social media manager you can research about it on google because without proper research nothing is possible.


This is one of the best ways to earn a passive income. If you know about digital marketing very well it can earn you more than most primary jobs. If you are well experienced in this field you don’t need to do any job. If you know any of the above mentioned methods you can earn through digital marketing.


If you are on social media and you have a good active follower base you can promote any creator’s video and earn from it. In freelancing websites or apps like Fiverr, Upwork, etc. you can find bids posted to promote their channels or page. You can take work from there and earn by promoting their pages or channels.


Yes, you heard it right you can also earn by ordering mobiles in online sale. When a new phone is launched in the market both the sellers and the customers are interested in that phone. So, to order that phone a person is required because the seller can only order one unit of that phone. So, the seller gives a commission of around Rs75 to Rs 400 per set to the person to order the phone. This is also a method to earn a good passive income.


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In today’s world, it’s pretty easy and profitable to earn through YouTube. In this, you have to start a channel and post your content. As I have said earlier, to earn passive income patience is needed. It may take months to earn your first income. But you should remember that youtube creators like PiewDiePie, MrBeast, Carryminati, BB ki Vines, and many more creators started very low. But they did not lose their patience and stop their hard work. Now, they are among the best and most subscribed creators on YouTube.

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