The Birth Of A Deadly Virus Corona.

How corona virus born?

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The birth of coronavirus.

The virus scientifically known as OrthoCoronaviridae was first reported in China. According to a Chinese report, the first patient of COVID‐19 was an old man of 55 years from the Hubei Province on 17 November 2019, however the Chinese called the virus to be originated from the Seafood market. The virus was recognized as a life threatening. It was confirmed by the WHO that the virus was easily communicable and which was a state of great fear as one infected can spread it to the whole human species. It was then by the end of December 2019 the Chinese government had informed WHO about the virus and the danger it can cause. It was then on January 13 2020; the first case was recorded outside China; it was Thailand which confirmed their first case of COVID‐19. It was then on January 30 2020, there were 7818 confirmed cases of COVID‐19 worldwide and just after one day, that is on 31 January 2020 that Italy confirmed there first case in the form of two tourist from China. The country overtook China as recorded the most death cases on March 19 2020. Days later the US reported the highest number of COVID cases in the world among which most where form New York caused by European travelers.

First covid-19 case.

On 27 January 2020 in Thrissur district of Kerala confirmed the first Indian COVID positive case, a 20‐year female complained of having dry cough and sore throat. She then informed of returning from Wuhan City, China on 23 January 2020. When being tested negative she was discharged from the hospital dated on February 20, 2020. SARS‐CoV‐2 was then gently on the way to enter India. In the month of march, 22 new cases were reported which included 14 members from Italian tourist group. The virus then came to hike from a religious congregation event of Tablighi Jamaat in Delhi. The cases were increasing day by day and no one was able to simplify the condition. The government had come into a great pressure as the SARS‐CoV‐2 was easily transmissible. That was the first time when people all over India was going to face the first lockdown.

First lockdown.

It was on the evening of 24 March 2020; PM Narendra Modi ask the nation to stay where they are and corporate for a 21 days long lockdown. Till then there were 500 confirmed COVID cases. Lockdown then was increased for 19 days then again for 14 days and the last time again for 14 days. 

Effect of lockdown on Human's life?

During this lockdown period the whole country remain shut down, only grocery shops, banks hospitals and medicines shops and essential services were allowed to remain the same following very strict safety measures. All the public transports, educational institute, social and political event, gaming, entertainment and religious activities remained suspended. One of the major impacts of this novel virus was seen in the economy of India, from a report showed by UN, it was estimated that a trade impact of US $348 million on India due to outbreak. Asian Development Bank estimated that the outbreak could cause a loss of US$29.9 billion to the Indian’s economy. While this pandemic we lost many of our famous personalities some like Irrfan Khan, Sushant Singh Rajput, Rishi Kapoor, Saroj Khan, Sejal Sharma, Asif Basra and many more. The pandemic increased the number of unemployed people in India. Also, many factories and workplaces were shut down resulted in no livelihood for the migrants’ workers. They decided to walk hundreds of kilometers to get their native village. Later many people and NGOs came forward for the help of the helpless people, immediate relief funds were raised. Many come forward to donate masks and sanitizers to the needy. The virus not only killed the normal humans but also it was on 8 August 2020 the Indian Medical Association announced that the reason of death of 198 doctors was SARS‐CoV‐2, later by the latest report of 3 February 2021 the death of doctors due to COVID‐19 increased to 734. Till today there are 13,164,235 Corona Virus Cases in India in which 168,203 death cases has been recorded and 11,964,985 has been recovered.

My Opinion :

In my opinion this virus is dangerous as it transmits very fast. Though the virus has a death ratio of 1:99 but still the virus is dangerous for the people who are aged or are suffering from disease having low immunity level. These people are the most affected and exposed to threat of life as the virus main targets the respiratory system, causes respiratory failure. A mask and proper sanitization is a must to prevent the virus from spreading. It’s a time where all the people all along the globe should show their role against the killer virus COVID‐19.

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