How to be a blogger| Everything about blogging.

What is blog writing or blogging?

If you are an expert in any field and you have good knowledge regarding that particular field then you can share your knowledge about that particular field through your writings. This is called blog writing or blogging. For example, if you are an expert in digital marketing then you can share your knowledge about digital marketing through your writings. If you have knowledge in any field like food, tourism, marketing etc. Then you can provide the information to the people through your written posts. To write a Blog you should have knowledge in any field. If you want to help people through your knowledge then you can write and share it on online platforms. This is called blogging or blog writing. While writing blogs you should know that you have to choose a certain topic and you have to share your knowledge on that particular topic only.

Types of blogging?

Before starting blogging you should know what are the types of blogging. There are seven types of blog writing:


In personal blogging, you can share information about yourself, you can share information about your lifestyle, routine, profession etc.


If you have any business, if you want to share information about your business or business related things then you can share your information and knowledge in business blogging.


In niche blog writing you can share your knowledge related to food, lifestyle and travel. You can choose any category in this and write blogs on it.


In this category you can write blogs where guests can post or if you have a team of experts then you can let your team post daily. Basically in reverse blogging there are many people and all of them works on a single blog writing.


In affiliate blog writing you can share your reviews on affiliate marketing products. You can share reviews on Amazon products or you can share affiliate products links in these types of blogs.


In media blogging you can post video blogs, Instagram blogs, images blogs and you can do media blog writing or blogging on these criterias.


In personal blog writing, you can share information about your profession, ideas how to choose your profession etc.

If you have selected the category in which you will write your blogs then you can start your blog writing. To start blogs you have to follow some steps as written below:


First of all you have to select a domain name. You should consider the category in which you are writing your blogs while selecting a domain name. While selecting domain name you should always take care that it should be a good name, it should have a meaning etc.


You have to select the hosting platform where you can host your domain name. For hosting you can use siteground or bluehost. In hosting you can take the basic plan in which you have to pay 2$ to 3$ monthly. You can take these basic plan to host your domain name.


While designing your blog you have to consider the category of your blog writing like if you are writing an educational type of blog then you should design like an educational blog, if you are writing technical blogs then you have to design accordingly and same goes with other categories.


If you have completed the previous three steps then you can start writing your blogs. You can save your blog in word and in the blog desk.


When you have started writing and posting your blogs and publishing your blogs then you should promote your Blog using social media, or you can make links to your blog, you can also post as a guest and post links of your blogs. By this you can get rankings and you can generate traffic.

Select blogging platform

If you have selected the type of your blog, domain name, Then you have to select your blogging platform. You have to select the platform in which you want to post your blog. In this you have two options: first is you can use free platforms like,,, second is you can post your blogs on their paid platforms also. If you want to post blogs like professionals you should have your domain name, own server , own server, own templates then you can use their paid version platforms. If you want a good platform for your blogs then you can use wordpress. You can download WordPress and post your templates , you can costomise accordingly and you can start blogging. WordPress isa platform which is SEO friendly and for beginners it is a good platform where you can start blogging and you can generate a good traffic. In this there are many plaggings which helps you to start your blog writing, helps you in blog post rankings.

Why should start blogging

If you want to start blog writing then you should know why you want to start blogging and what is the reason behind this.

There are some reason to start blog writing.

  • There are lots of benefits of blog writing you can earn money while working from your home. Initially if you work hard then you can earn a good amount of money by blog writing.
  • You get more experience in that particular field on which you are writing your blogs. You can get more knowledge in that particular field in which you are writing your blogs. By sharing your knowledge to others through your blogs you also gain your experience.
  • If you are blogging then you are helping many people, you are giving knowledge to many people through your blog writings. So If you want to help people, share your knowledge then you can start blog writing.
  • If you are writing a personal blog then you can promote yourself to others. If you feel happy telling others about yourself, about your lifestyle then you can write blogs and promote yourself.

Blogging career and how to make money

If you start blog writing then questions can come in your mind that is this can be a career, can I make money by blog writing?…then yes you are thinking right, if you select any category and you write blogs on that particular toppic and if you generate good amount of traffic and if you are getting good ranking then you can earn a good amount of money. In blog writing you can earn from 1$ to 100$. In blogging the money you earn initially greadually increases day by day.

So blog writing has career and money both.

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