How to remove toxic people from your life?

How to remove toxic people from your life??

Not every relationship lasts forever, most are lessons that help us to grow and that’s okay! Removing unwanted and toxic people from life is very important to be happy and live a healthy lifestyle. These people don’t bring anything positive and inspiring in our life. Keeping toxic people in your life weighs you down from reaching yourself.

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It’s hard to remove toxic people from your life, 

but your life depends on it. You are sabotaging your happiness for these unwanted people in your life. Everyone says self-love is very important, so you need to open your eyes and identify who these individuals are as it’s important for your well-being and happiness.

These people make you feel bad about yourself,

make you feel unwanted, and manipulate your life. Now the question arises do you deserve to be treated like this? You cannot change them what you can do is cut off these toxic people from your lives. You should not allow others to treat you like this.

Removing someone toxic from your life is not at all easy. There’s an old myth frog that will pull down other frogs trying to escape a pot of boiling water. In real life, there is always a person who will judge, manipulate, threaten and resist the possibility of self-improvement. Think of it when a snake bites you the toxic poison spreads through your body and gets more toxic causing death. This concept is also applied in our life and the sad part is we don’t realize it’s happening to us.

The next question that arises is how to cut them off from our life?

how to remove toxic people

Firstly don’t expect them to change. 

You may yearn to be the one who makes them a better person but it’s a hopeless thought. However, the idea of changing themselves and becoming a better person might not appeal to them. They are already down in their own pits of negativity and arguments over these won’t help them get out. Toxic people are not motivated by good things. They have learned to live their lives based on their narcissistic behavior and won’t look for any good other than fulfilling their own selfish needs. In the process, they might even take you down with them so be careful regarding that.

Always and always put yourself first.

 They will show they care for you and will keep coming back however much you push them away but you need to stand by your decision. Falling for their fake behavior and care towards you will lead to self-harm and in severe cases might even cause a mental breakdown. You might even start doubting yourself and develop a negative attitude just like them.

Cut off every mode of communication with them.

It’s very important to stop every possible communication with them if they are hurting you and your feelings. A formal hi hello may be acceptable in some cases but don’t let them get any closer to you in any way. They may even try incessantly to try and make back contact because they realize your worth, but you have to remain adamant about your decision.

Surround yourself with healthy relationships.

Do things that make you happy, pick up any new hobby, spend more time with yourself get to know yourself very well. Start loving yourself more than you ever did. Be with your true friends. Spend time with your family. Involve yourself in your work. Everyone in this world may leave you at some point of time or other, but your work won’t ever leave you. 

Don’t explain yourselves.

You don’t need to explain your views to toxic people by invoking fights or arguments. Remember, this is the negative attitude that leads to self-doubt and the worsening of self-opinion. Motivate yourself.

“Always remember one thing you deserve to be happy!!”

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