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Suddenly Taliban conquered and took over Kabul. The Pictures, the news coming from Afghanistan is not satisfying else a sign of terror. Till now we have seen people sitting on the top of buses, trains but now whatever the picture is coming I bet nobody has seen in the history, People on the aeroplanes in the air so that they can get out of Kabul and away from Talibans. We can see the Aircraft in sky and people hanging and sitting on the roof and wings of Aircraft and falling from the aircraft from the sky. There pictures indeed causes Ghoosbumps. There is no space in the plane but people want to hang or sit on the roof or wings to get rid from the Terror of Talibans compelled people to risk their life. These pictures are making the world restless for sure. People want to get out of Kabul because they have fear from Talibans how they treat them and their SHARIA KANOON which Afghan encountered 23 years before, they don’t want to fill the same again. Before Talibans used to cut Afghan’s head in front of public to increase their terror, they used to hang people in the middle of city, which Afghans don’t want to face again. Now the Question arises is – 


America was in the Afghanistan and securing for 20 years. In 2001 America entered Afghanistan to overthrow Talibans. They overthrow the Talibans Government and formed new government. Americans soldiers were in Afghanistan, in this duration many American soldiers died and many afghan’s soldiers also died. America spend many lack crores rupees to train Afghans , to make their base and now suddenly America left Afghans on their Situation.


To get started with the beginning,

We have to go in the era of 102 years before from now. In 1919, britishers left Afghanistan and it becomes independent because britishers were not getting much profit as they were getting from India. So, Britishers left Afghanistan on their own and after then Afghan’s saw rise of Manarchy system. Shah family started ruling on Afghan’s. This family ruled on Afghan’s for almost 54 years from 1919 to 1973. The last king of Shah family was Mohammed Zahir Shah. In 1973, Mohammed Zahir Shah became sick, infact he became serious. There was no development of medic infrastructure in Afghanistan at that time, so he could not have been treated in Afghanistan, his people suggested him to get his treatment in Italy. So, Mohammed Zahir Shah went to Italy for his treatment. At that time Mohammed Zahir Shah’s commander was Daud Khan. When Shah went to Italy, greed for power arises in the mind of his commander, and he couped over the position of Shah. About 54 years Afghans were under monarchy system of Shah’s family. 54 years is a long time, day by day people get awared about democracy and Afghans also wanted Democracy system in their country. They wanted to live their life according to their wills. Basically they wanted freedom. And the commader took advamtage of their thoughts.

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When Shah went to Italy for his treatment. He couped over and declared himself the prime minister of Afghanistan. He promised to bring new constitution, and pronised to make Afghanistan a democratic country. Citizens also became happy and supported Daud khan as a prime minister. From 1973 to 1977, in these four years Daud was the prime minister and he did nothing for the country. In 1977 when people again started revolution against him to bring constitution, then he made fool of the citizes of Afghanistan in the name of constitution. The constition he made declared that there will be only one party, the same will fight election and the same will make government and Daud declared himself as the head of the party.

When Daud brought his costitution then Afghans became angry and started protesting against him. In 1978, Afghans started protesting against Daud’s constitution and created a revolution, they name the revolution Soar revolution and Noor Mohammed Tariqui was leading that revolution. He was a young leader who wanted democracy in his country. Slowly slowly his revolution spread all over in Afghanistan and all the people started protesting against Daud Khan. And atlast, Daud Khan resigned from his position.

After then, Afghan’s people declared Noor mohammed tariqui as their new leader and he became the president of Afghanistan in 1978. Noor Mohammed Tariqui had friendship with USSR (Union of soviet socialist republics). When he became the president, he came more nearer to USSR. USSR’s border was too closed and attached to Afghanistan. Now, USSR thought to enter their feet in Afghanistan to increase their power as the cold war was going on at that time with America. USSR suggested and gave idea to Noor Mohammed Tariqui to start modernization of Afghanistan, to open schools, collage, industries and mostly to take steps for the education of girls. Slowly, Afghanistan was also moving towards modernization, fashion also increases, girls and women could walk on the streat and go to school and collages. Everything was started turning to western culture, in the starting some people did not like that modernization as Afghanistan was a conservative country and so was the people and they started protesting against this modernization policy. People started protesting against Noor Mohammed Tariqui when he proposed an idea of giving lands to poor people who did not had piece of land, from the rich people. They thought, Noor Mohammed is overshadowing the actual imageof Afghanistan in the name of modernization.

From then, people started protesting against Noor Mohammed Tariqui. Meanwhile at that time, war was going on between two countries. Like Afghanistan, Iran was also bending towards modernization and the conservative minded people were protesting there also. At the same time, America was involved in Iran and USSR in Afghanistan and both were superpowers and in between both of them cold was going on.

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After watching the domination of USSR on Afghanistan, America decided to do intrusion in Afghanistan. America searched for the conservative people, the people with narrow minded who was against the modern culture, America’s CIA found foreign mimister of Afghanistan named Hafijuddin Ameen, CIA tried cornering Hafijuddin Ameen and treid to take him on America’s side. CIA encouraged Hafijuddin Ameen to go against the western policy of Afghanistan and encouraged to become the protesting leader. They suggested Hafijuddin to provoke the Kabila peoples in the name of islam against the western policy. They suggested the foreign minister of Afghanistan to make the older and conservative people together and compell them to do Jihad, and try to make them Mujahideen. Hafijuddin did what CIA told him and he started converting all the hardcore Islamickabila peoples into Jihadis and compelled them to go against their president. As time went people started supporting the protest of Hafijuddin Ameen and went against their president Noor Mohammed Tariqui. After some time America made their ground and people there, America proposed Pakistan to train all those Mujahideen. America was supplying all the arms and ammunitions to train the Mujahideen in Pakistan. After get trained back they came back and started fighting with USSR soldiers. As day went, Mujahideens became big in numbers and then it was hard for Noor Mohammed Tariqui to save his governement. At that difficult time, Noor Mohammed went for a politic trip to USSR. Sauthi arab was also against the western policy of Afghanistan. Amaerica told everything to Sauthi arab about the polic of westernization in Afghanistan and Sauth arab send Osama bin laden to Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Mujahideens started targetting the students of Afghanistan. One of the student named Umar was strictly against the policy of USSR and Afghanistan. He started a campaigns against the policy of USSR and Afghanistan. The situation became very uncontrolable in Afghanistan and atlast to save his government Noor Mohammed Tariqui went to USSR trip and USSR suggested him to stop all the work of modernization and also suggested him to remove Hafijuddin Ameen from his cabinet because he was the big reason of intrusion of America in Afghanistan. Unfortunetly,CIA got to know about this and they awared Hafijuddin about the thoughts of his president. When the president Noor Mohammed Tariqui was returning from Moscow and landed to Kabul airport, Hafijuddin Ameen arrested the president and his family and killed all of them. The foreign minister of Afghanistan killed the president of Afghanistan.

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After all these, the foreign minister of Afghanistan became the ruler of Afghanistan. He made his own government. As USSR got to know that Hafijuddin Ameen killed the president of Afghanistan, they became angry and attacked on Afghanistan on 25th december 1979. USSR army reached Kabul and killed Hafijuddin Ameen. Then after, USSR made their own government. After when USSR attacked on Afghanistan, America got a chance and America compelled amd proposed other Islamic states to come together and fight against USSR and its policy. USSR came to Afghanistan, but the geographical figures were bot suitable for USSR army, rocky mountains, kabilas and many more were the obstructions. America also provided Anti‐aircraft mesiles to Mujahideens which killed lots of aircrafts of USSR. After 10 years of peice and war, on 15th february 1989, USSR decided to take their step back and USSR army left Afghanistan and returned back to USSR. And that was the big win for America and the other islamic states. After returning of USSR army, America made a government and Mujahideen started ruling on Afghanistan. But after some time, Mujahideens started fighting in themselves. Approximately for 9 years the kabilas were fighting with each other. During this war, the students wing came up with more power. The student started winning every battle over the kabilas, and the person who came up with lot of courage and excelencies in the war who also fought against USSR army was Umar. In that war in a bomb blast Umar’s right eye got innured. He had only one eye. After some time Umar took his step back from all those and started spending time in rituals, he started teaching Namaj is mosques. After some time Umar was known as Mullah Umar. Later Mullah umar was the only person who gave shelter to Osama bin laden when he became the international most wanted criminal after the 9/11 attack. And in 1998 , when all the wings and other groups were loosing their site and the claping were done by the people in which Mullah Umar came as the biggest leader and he then created Taliban. A student who after became Mullah and later he became Taliban and the leader of Taliban. In 1998, Taliban entered Kabul and captured whole Afghanistan and started ruling over Afghanistan.

After capturing, Taliban forced lots of rules andregulations like Saria kanoon in which Talibanis used to stabb peope, cut their head, hand them at public places and many more cruelty. That was the Talibani laws by which people are affraid till now. They forced strict laws for women like they cannot go to schools and collages and they should wear only Burkas. From 1998 to 2001 Taliban ruled over Afghanistan but in 2001, 9/11 took place and Osama bin laden reknowned as the mastermind of this massive attack thus government stated searching for Osama bin laden and the got to know that Osama bin laden was in Afghanistan and was hiding himself in Torabora mountain ranges. Then Afghanistan army with American soldiers attacked on Taliban and Talibans lost the battle and they broke the roots of Talibans in Afghanistan. Remaining Talibanis escaped from Kabul and thus the taliban dissapeared. After this, America made intrusion in Afghanistan and started deploying their army in Afghanistan. Then after both America and Afghanistan started searching for Osama bin laden and Mullab Umar. Osama bin laden was murdered in Pakistan and Mullah Umar was arrested. In 2013 Mullah Umar was released from the jail as he was the only medium of negotiation with Talibans whenever they try to arise. But in 2013, Mullah Umar died but the Taliban was alive but became very weak. America deployed their army in Afghnistan but the Taliban whic America helped to arise to fight against USSR was now against America. From which arms and ammunitions Taliban took training by the help of America, the same arms Talibans started using against America. Aprximately 2500 American soldiers were killed in Afghanistan in past 20 years. Aproximately many lakh dollars America spend on aafghanistan and for their training. America spended lots of money to uplft the power of afghanistan soldiers and the airforces as their target was Osama bin laden and when he died America took decission under president Donald trump to bring their soldiere back to America till May 2021. In 2021 Joe biden becomes the president of America and he decided to bring their soldiers back till 9th of september 2021.

As America announces the returning of American soldiers and when aproximately about 3000 to 4000 soldiers were remaining in Afghanistan, Taliban get the chance to enter and capture Afghanistan. And after 20 years, Taliban again arises and slowly slowly starts capturing Afghanistan. But unlike 1998, this time there was no blood flow because Afghanistan government and soldiers started surrendering infront of the Talibanis. On kabul also, when Taliban entered, soldiere and the governement surrendered in front of Talibans. And like this Taliban captured Afghanistan and the people were left on their own in the hand of Talibanis. Now what happens will see in fufure.

So like this America led in rise of Talibans.

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