Why is it important to learn about the Indian culture?

How much do we know about our culture? How many of you have really tried to know about it?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word Indian culture? Your thinking can be different.


Many of our youngsters nowadays have no idea about our history, our culture. It’s not their fault, it’s all because of our education system. Nowadays kids are being taught about Mughal kings, foreign histories and foreign nationalism but not about our own history and culture.

Children are the future of nation and its our duty to make them aware of the valour of kings and queens of our nation, our culture so that the glorious history of the Bharatvarsha can be in their hearts, and future generation’s heart forever and ever.

In present days, everywhere school system is there, which was brought to India by Lord Thomas Babington Macauley in 1830’s but nowhere Gurukuls can be seen. In olden days, children were made warriors from their childhood. They were taught Artha‐shastra, Vedas, duties, disciplines of a pure life, etc.

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But nowadays, the people of our country are gradually moving towards western ways of style, whereas western people are adapting our culture as they find it more peaceful than other’s. It is peaceful indeed. There is no such problem in this universe whose solution is not given in our Vedas and Puranas. We have two most famous epics the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, but unfortunately many of us don’t know the teachings from them, we may know the story but not the teachings. Values has disappeared or let’s just say no one teaches us the values and our culture, our history to children. It is the first responsibility of Guardians and parents to give their children with the required knowledge about Vedas and our basic culture. If these things are endorsed from childhood, then they will get interest and upon becoming adult they will know very well about how to tackle with any of the situations of life. In Vedas there are all ways, all teachings, righteousness of life. If one follows all these, he/she will lead the life peacefully. But according to the present scenario, even 1% of adults, adolescents don’t know anything about these. We know about many great kings of India, like Chandragupta Maurya, Samundragupta Maurya,Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja. But youngsters nowadays know nothing about them and about their valour and competence. One of the biggest reasons for this is due to ignorance of parents and the education system. From childhood they teach about the Mughal kings and only few Indian kings (who are famous), may be some places small references of great warriors and kings like Sambhaji Maharaj, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, etc. are given.

They grew interest in what they see and what they are taught which affects them and the society in future, and if this continues, those days are not so far when there will be only unrighteousness in the land and no one will even get a spark of the difference between right and wrong.
Don’t you people think its high time that changes should be brought to the society? We have to be modern but we should never ever forget our culture. Our culture has given a lot to the world. All of you may have heard about Aryabhata‐ one of the world’s greatest mathematician‐astronomer. The first Indian satellite was named after him.

We can see many glorious temples in India (mostly in South India) which are from very ancient times, Madurai Temple, it’s a perfection in itself. Its full name is Arul Migu Meenakshi Sundareswarar twin Temple. It has many pillar halls and it dates back to very ancient time. In our historical period, we had many talented people, who were dedicated to protect and endorse their kingdom like Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja, Sambhaji Maharaj, they died preserving our culture.
India was the richest all over the world, with all types of attraction seeking, that’s why Mughal, Portugal’s arrived here.
India has many other names; all the names have their own history. Bharatvarsha, Aryavarta, Jambuduipa and many more. In all the ages, India was glorious, but to keep our culture preserved, we have to influence our culture and make our children feel proud from their heart.

It is necessary to teach them the importance of Yoga, Vedas, Mantras, and much more. We have many holy books among which the most influential one is Bhagavad‐Gita. During the time of British, many of our holy books which influenced our culture and many libraries were burnt because the British wanted us to lead our lives according to their ways, which is happening today.Even children are being misguided and it is the responsibility of the parents to teach them the truth of life.

It’s high time that we should learn these things, endorse them and accept them from heart. It’s our duty to pass them from our generation to further generation, which many of the parents have failed today. We have to take the step to make our ancestors feel proud.

Our ancestors had control over their mind, heart and many other things. Meditation, Yoga and disciplines were the key to succeed in life and for them, the true meaning of success was to make their lives useful. They had competence, powers and all kinds of knowledge. They not only lived for themselves, but also for the society. If they would have been selfish, then today our life may not have been possible. It’s our duty to think of the future and pass what we got from our ancestors to generations ahead of us. In short, its our duty to protect our dharma, and always keep the glorious history of Bharatvarsha in our hearts. We should influence others, respect their culture and everyone’s culture because no nation can be powerful if it forgets its culture, pride and heritage.

“The long‐cherished cultural heritage of Bharat is just a consequence of the deep‐rooted spiritual work that has gone in this land for several millennia. Conservation of this work is paramount.”

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