Black holes and it’s formation.

How the black holes are formed?

What is blackhole? A burning topic today many of us think that blackhole is a hole in the space, but it is not like that, it is actually a dead star, let’s dive into this topic to understand this more. There are about 2 trillion galaxy in our universe, the group of galaxies are called cluster and the group of clusters are called superclusters. Every galaxy has about 100 thousand million stars, then comes planetarium which is very far from the sun it is about 89 then comes constellation which the group of stars nearer as compared to planetarium, which is 27.

We know that galaxies contains billions and trillions of stars, but how these stars are formed, well initially there are gases but due to gravitation they come together and forms an atmosphere of gases which is called Nebula, these gases are so hot that they catches fire and in next process nuclear reaction fusion occurs and nebula turns into a star, hence stars are formed, can you guess the nearest star from us? Yes, you are right it is sun and nearest star from sun is proxima centuari, so till now we have seen how stars are formed.

Now since the stars are formed due to nuclear fusion of hydrogen to form helium, when the fuel ends, or the gases are in a verge to end that is when the gases are burnt 90% the star turns in to Red giant which is bigger than the star, now from here red giant has two options to end their life, one Indian scientist Chandra Shekhar proposed that when the red hot giant is less the 1.44 times the sun then it will turn in to the white dwarf star, and after that when all the fuel ends it becomes black star with no color, but when the red giant is bigger than the Chandra shekhar limit it turns in to innovative star, which explodes and after the explosion four stars can be formed.

Neutron, pulsar , quasar and  black hole.

Now let’s understand how neutron is formed?, if the star remains big enough after explosion then neutron star is formed which rotates very slowly, since it is big in size.
If the star after explosion becomes very small then pulsar is formed and further if it is again more smaller than pulsar quasar is formed both pulsar and quasar rotates with very high speed since they are smaller in size.

And the next condition which is blackhole which is very very small after the explosion and it rotates very very fast and it starts to shrink and since the stars was initially in plasma state it shrinks so that its density becomes very very high and its mass also increases so much that if we can compare one spoon of mass of something on blackhole it will be equal to 10 elephants on the earth, hence we can compare that how dense is black hole and how heavy it is, it is so dense that even light is not able to pass from it, it absorbs the light in it, now we should think is it dangerous, yes it is if any astronomer will dive in blackhole it will stretch him like rubber, any thing which comes in to its way it destroyes it, if in case our earth comes in the way of blackhole it will tear it and pass hence the volcanoes will come out and everything will be destroyed, what if two black hole will collide? Well they both will explode.

Some more facts about the Blackhole.

  1. Black holes are freezing cold from inside, but incredibly hot from outside, the internal temperature of a black hole with the mass of our sun is around one‐millionth of degree above absolute zero.
  2. Density of a black hole is about two quadrillion grams per cubic cm. A regular black hole that is one with three times the sun’s mass with have an event horizon radius of about 9km, means it has very huge density
  3. what is inside the black hole?
    A Host Padi Boyd while they may seem like a hole in sky because they don’t produce light, a black hole is not empty, it’s actually a lot of matter inside condensed into a single point . This point is known as singularity.ity.
  4. Can black hole die?
    Black holes are region of space‐times where gravity rules: the gravitational pull of black hole is so strong that nothing even light can escape , but after long time it is believed that even the black hole will die.
  5. Over a century ago Albert Einstein predicted about the black holes, after which Stanford university astrophysicist Dan wilkins noticed about the black holes.

So this was how black hole forms and some facts about it.

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