Which one to listen to? Your heart or brain?

It is the very common question nowadays. But before coming to that question, Do you know which thought is coming from your mind and which thought is coming from your brain? So, how to figure out which thought is coming from your heart and which one from your brain?

The heart makes only two sounds lub and dub unless or until a boy or a girl is disturbing it and it becomes crazy. Rest of the sound comes from your brain. We think that some thought is coming from our heart and some thought is coming from brain, this is totally metaphoric. But unfortunately, we guys are taking it very seriously. There was a time when people believed (particularly in Arabia) that blood is being pumped from liver because liver is far more complicated organ than the heart, which was not true. Heart is a very simple organ. So, don’t give it more responsibilities other than continuously pumping the blood. So, I want you to change your thought. The only problem is that most of you are prejudiced against the brain. The common question everywhere is‐ I want to meditate but thoughts are coming. Can you stop the heart, kidney, liver? No, you want all these organs to function properly but you don’t want your brain to function for some reason. Brain is a new equipment that we have got in the evolutionary process. The level of celebral development happened most recently compared to the other system. That’s why, most of us don’t know how to handle it? When you see a boy or a girl, heart beat more, that doesn’t mean it is saying anything. It is only compensating, you need more blood. So, it is pumping little harder. That will happen even if you are running upstairs. Also, fear does that to a whole lot of people. So, heart is not trying to say anything, it is just trying to make sure every part of the body gets the nourishment of blood flow.


So, it’s your brain speaking in different tongues. What is your native language. What is your mother tongue ? Because you know two or three languages, so we get confused. Sometimes, it speaks in English, other time in Hindi and some other time in any other language. This is the reason, why you think heart issaying or mind is saying. There is thought and emotion. People generally have a misconception that, these two are different things. No, they are not saying different things, the way you think is the way you emote, isn’t it? For exampleRight now if you start thinking, he/she is the most wonderful person of this world then your emotion will automatically become sweet towards that person. Now, if you think she/he is the worst person on this planet then also your emotion will be accordingly, yes or no? But what if, whom you thought to be the most wonderful person of this world suddenly did something that you don’t like. You are not going to like that person anymore, aren’t you? Thought is alige, it changes direction. Emotion is little shappy, so it takes time to turn around. So, that period you struggle between your thoughts and emotions as if things are happening in two directions. Because thought is saying one thing and the emotion is still going sweet as it takes time to become nasty, it can’t turn up quickly. It take time to turn. But, after a week or ten days, or two months depending upon how deeply are you engaged after sometime emotion catches up with the thought. Now, your emotion will also say you don’t like that person anymore.


When it comes to what you want to do, you must think clearly, it’s very important. Thinking clearly doesn’t mean the question is about what will get me this? But Is your life precious to you? So, before you invest this life to something, you must look whether today if I invest my life into this after 25 years or so, will it still mean a lot to me? It doesn’t matter what other people think but you should not do anything that will make you feel ashamed of. Then you will turn against yourself. Something that turns against yourself, you can leave them but if you turn against yourself, you can’t leave yourself, you will have to live with yourself forever. So, this is all you have to look at. That’s important.

So, making a living with such a big brain is not an issue. Earning your food is not an issue, making a living is not an issue. Only problem is you want to live like someone else. Only that’s creating an endless problem.

“Follow your heart but always take your brain with you.”

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