JEE/NEET is central level competitive exam conducted by the NTA (National Testing Agency) every year. If you see, you will come to know that every one of the two students are preparing for it because it provides a good carrier option to the meritorious students. Every year a large number of Indian youth do register for JEE/NEET, this number is increasing with the time. According to the reports, almost 22 lakh candidates have registered for the JEE Main 2021 and a total of 15,97,433 candidates had registered for NEET‐UG 2020. Every year the seats are increasing, yet the ratio of failures is approximately same.

Do you know the reasons for this? Here is why‐


When you were in class 10th (matriculation), you had one book each of your five subjects. But, as you enter in class 11th, the volume as well as the number of books increases. For instance‐ there are two volumes of mathematics NCERT and in addition to that, you have RD Sharma, Coaching materials and PYQs (Previous Year Questions) and same for other subjects also in Class 11th only. So, there is a sudden increase in the syllabus compared to the junior classes and the complexity has also increased. Now, coming to the reasons ‐

  • Most important thing, you have started preparing now in class 11th for JEE/NEET, whereas most students have started their preparation for the same from class 6th or class 9th and you are going to compete with these candidates.
  • Coaching institutes don’t care about your results. Parents send their children to coaching institutes for their studies, but they don’t know that top faculties are provided to one or two top batches. It is not revealed but every coaching has one top batch in which there are only 10 to 20 students, who holds a good rank in the coaching and they are provided 10‐15 top faculties 24*7, so these students give top results. The rest are only to provide financial support to the coaching.
  • Self‐study time is much lesser than the tuitions time. From 24 hours, you sleep for 8 hours, 4 hours for bathing, cleaning, eating and other stuffs. Now, you have 12 hours in you hand and in that 12 hours you go to school, coaching, private tuitions and then how much time you have in your hand for self‐study, this is making a big difference; you are studying and you also know the topics very well but you are not doing self‐study and this is a blunder.
  • Students don’t ask doubts, either they are waiting for someone to ask from their side or simple they don’t ask because their thought is that they will be judged. There are only 5% students who ask their doubts and hence they grow and perform well.
  • They waste time in travelling due to which they feel tired and so are not able to study well.
  • Parents take wrong decisions, i.e., they send their children out of the state to study. There are many distractions there and if the child fails to understand any topic or subject, then he/she don’t pay much attention in studies.
  • Not all teachers are good. The teacher who is teaching you is not good then you start hating as you don’t know the concepts of that subject and as a result, it will lead to the bad score in examination.
  • Some students only dream but not really work. I think, I don’t need to explain it further because if only dreaming gives success in one’s life, then why are we at work? Out of the total, the real competition is only with the 6 lakhs candidates.
  • Many have the misconception, Medical/IIT sets life. So, they are just following the trend but they have nothing to do with the studies.
  • Parents should not put their decision on their kid. Many students are preparing just because of their parents or you can say they are doing nothing but carrying load.
  • Students should know their strong and weak subjects. Many are failing to crack the exam because they don’t know which one to focus more and which to less.
  • Some students focus on theory more, they don’t do questions. They take things for granted, i.e., they think I know the theory and so I can solve all the questions but when they try to solve the questions, they fail.

Now, we have got to know the reasons that are pulling you off from achieving your goal. So, what could be the solutions to the above problem.


  • Choose your teacher wisely. You need a teacher who can lift you up, anyone can make topper a topper but it’s hard to make an average student a topper.
  • Make a routine to properly manage your time. It is very important as you will come to know which task is taking so long.
  • Make a plan but don’t over‐plan because it will leave you with burden only and nothing else. Give enough time for studying each subject and in case you have any weak subject then give little more focus to that subject.
  • Make tests your regular habit and also analyze what you have learnt.
  • Keep on revising the subjects. There is no any other alternative for revision, so, keep revising till last day.
  • Utilize your free time and stay away from distractions, if you are more than distracted then you can turn off the notifications and also you can put parental lock.
  • Don’t submerge yourself with stress. You can de‐stress yourself by switching on to your favorite music.
  • Follow a right strategy and work hardly but smartly because there is no substitute for hard work.
  • Do not hesitate in asking your doubts.
  • Avoid time wasting in travelling.
  • Give enough time to your self‐study.
  • Get familiar with the exam pattern.

You can go for an online educational platform as it has a number of benefits. Here, you will have a number of teachers, so you can choose from. You will not hesitate in asking doubts as you don’t know anyone personally. No time will be wasted in travelling because you can attend the classes from your home. You can choose the time when to study a particular subject, so now you are left with enough time for your self‐study. Your parents no longer will need to send you outside for studies and also, they can keep track on you.

One more thing, I would like to mention that parents should not pressurize their kid, instead they should give a good environment, keep an eye and, support their kid.

So, if you follow these smart and simple steps, you will surely have a good preparation and you will crack it. And always keep in mind that strong focus, determination and discipline is the key to success and all these if put together can make your dream come true. So, go ahead!

“Striving for success without hard work is like trying harvest where you haven’t planted.”

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  1. Capt. Akash deep

    Informative and unique, but i think you are late posting this blog….u could have posted 2 years before..nd our result could have been better…..though i dont have interest in engineering but i have read nd studied ..and so far experienced the hurdles and the solution to them..but never thought of expressing in public…you did which is a great initiative ….congratylation to you!

  2. Nicely scripted…not me my son has given the jee examinations and he passed the first stage…but due to lack of interest he shifted in another arena
    But being a guardian I can totally relate with it.
    Keep it up 👍👍

    1. Thank you so much❣❣ Glad to know that our blog is Beneficial for the readers.. thanks a lot for your appreciation and for positive feedback.❣

  3. Nice to read this article. And it’s very useful for me and I got lot of informations from this article.

  4. Aatiah Chandra

    Good information about it. The way the content is written is too good. I hope that it motivates many student.

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