What is more important degree or knowledge?

To be successful in life, a person should have knowledge along with degree. A degree without knowledge is as futile as knowledge without a degree. Everyone having knowledge may not have degree, similarly everyone having degree may not have knowledge.

A degree is an authenticate certificate by which one can get a job. It gives us confidence by which our personality gets enhanced. A person having a degree gets respect and reputation. Higher the degree, higher is the post and hence higher will be the package and status. Also, a person having a knowledge without a degree, won’t be hired by the anyone. For example‐ A person may be very good electrician but since he hasn’t any qualification, he won’t be called an engineer and won’t be hired by anyone instead of an engineer. We have heard from the very first day of our school that it’s important to score good to be successful in our lives. One common and admanent question asked by our parents to all of us is‐ How much have you scored? /What is your rank? It means, every single time, our degree is being asked by our parents and teachers. But

degree verses skills

There was a time when people were appointed for a job on the basis of their degree. But, nowadays, having a degree is no longer a guarantee to be successful. Let’s say you’re looking for a job, your first step for this would be to submit your resume and on the basis of your resume you’ll be get a call. Then, do they give you the joining letter on the basis of your degree mentioned in the resume? No, they don’t. Inspite of having your resume in hand, you’ll be called for an interview. So, why do they call for the interview round? Isn’t your degree sufficient yourself perfect for the post of that particular job? What do you think, why is it so? Because, knowledge is equally important.

degree verses skills

Knowledge is the information acquired through the theoretical or practical understanding of something such as facts, skills, education or experience. A bit of paper cannot decide one’s knowledge. The limitation of a degree is that it doesn’t prove that you have knowledge. That’s why, job aspirants have to go through the interview round. It is knowledge which lifts up a person in his/her life. Knowledge is what helps you to achieve your target in the long run. One can take a first step without knowledge but in the long run, it’s not going to be fruitful for an individual. Suppose you’re selected for a job on the basis of your degree but you don’t have much knowledge, will you be able to continue to your job? Without knowledge, one can’t succeed in life, even the most successful persons‐ Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos has not any degree or certificates, however they are the successful personalities.


“The larger the island of Knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder.

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