What everyday habits drain your energy?

Most of us are not even aware of our everyday habits that drains our energy. We are the product of our everyday habits. Low energy is not a good sign, it affects our lifestyle and we start leading an unhealthy lifestyle. But you don’t need to worry because it can be changed by switching from unhealthy to healthy habits. Here are some of your habits which are draining your energy: ‐

Lack of Water:

About 60% of our body is made up of water and our blood is 91% – 92% water. In order to maintain the system properly and maintain the body’s internal environment and temperature (homeostasis), our body uses water in all cells, tissues and organs. Keeping ourselves hydrated is crucial for our health and well‐being. Lack of water makes our blood thicker due to which the blood pressure increases and also the body needs more energy to circulate blood from heart to other parts of the body, blood needs more energy to transfer nutrients and oxygen and hence we feel tired.

“Water is the best natural remedy, drink your way to better health.”

Having a poor diet or skipping it:

Many of us take junk food as our diet or simply skip our diet just because either we are very busy or we want to lose weight. This is called poor‐eating habit. These unhealthy habits decrease the intake of nutrients in our body which in the short term leads to stress, tiredness and many health‐related problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, tooth decay, depression, eating disorders, constipation, jaundice, etc. So, we should have a balanced diet in order to stay healthy both mentally and physically.

“Every time you eat or drink, you’re either feeding disease or fighting it”.

Addiction to social media:

internet impact on life

From the past many decades, social media has been an integral part of our lives, it is where we share information and gain knowledge on various topics. But it has negative impact on our mental health and relationships in case it becomes our habit. Although many people use social media, few of them are really addicted. A study performed in CaliforniaState University found that individuals that visited social sites at least 58 times per week are more likely to feel depressed and isolated compared to those who use it in lesser amount.

“We don’t have choice on whether we DO social media, the question is
how well we DO it.”

Lack of exercise:

Exercise not only makes us healthy but also gives us energy. Lack of exercise has been seen as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease even for the people who don’t have other risk factor. According to a report by AFP, lack of exercise is linked to the severe symptoms and higher risk of death among COVID patients. So, exercise is important if you want to be energetic and lead a long life.

“To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise.”

Lack of sleep:

Sleep is essential for us in order to lead a healthy life. While sleeping, our damaged cells get repaired and the concentration of oxygen in tissues increases. To maintain a good health, 7‐8 hours of sleep is necessary. We all have experienced that if we skip even an hour of our daily sleep, we feel sleepy, tired and we are no longer able to concentrate on our daily works. Poor sleep also leads to increased body weights, depression and in the long term it leads to heart disease and stroke and also affects our social behavior. Now, you have got to know the importance of proper sleeping

“The shorter you sleep, the shorter you live.”

Thinking about the past and future:

communication skill, willpower

Spending most of the day in the past/future causes unhappiness and anxiety. We think about the past or even the future which hasn’t even happened yet (we live in an imaginary world) and waste most of our time. Regression of the past is emotionally draining our energy. So, try to move on from the past as it creates a big cycle of unhappiness and depression and past is past, you can’t change it. So, stop thinking about the past and future and concentrate on your present. Remember that, no amount of guilt can change the past & no amount of anxiety can change the future.


Being negative:

Negative attitude drains more energy than anything else. No one wants to be around the person who is always negative. You should not be the reason for anyone’s suffering, be productive instead. Think of the last time, you had cried. What was your feeling afterwards? Were you exhausted? Probably, most of your time would have been wasted. Now, remember the last time when you had fun with your friends. How energetic you were? Of course, you would have a good feeling and energy would have also increased. So, always try to be a person with positive attitude.

“A negative mind will never give a positive life”

Talking to toxic people:

It doesn’t matter how much you help others and to what extent, there are some so called friends and relatives around you who has complain. Therefore, identify the toxic people around you and it can help you to preserve your energy and in the long run help you to get rid of emotional pain. So, you should surround yourselves with good person.

“People inspire you, or they drain you. Pick them wisely.”

These were the everyday habits which drains our energy. If any of these habits are stopping you to lead a healthy life, then do work on them because…

“a healthy outside starts from a healthy inside.”

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