The Impact of the Internet on Our Life

Why have we not be trained to use phone and internet?

Today everyone can use internet easily. Every person has phone. But they don’t know how to use internet and phone. They have not be given any training. If we use such a small tools we get training but here internet is most powerful tools today but we use without training. If we ride bike we have to get license and training but internet and phone nothing is restriction. The child can also use the phone and the Internet, not only use them, they are addicted to the phone and social media. I’m not saying that people should not use phone and internet. They should use internet because there are so many positive side and this is very useful and necessary for them. We get every answer quickly everything fastly from internet. But we should not forget its negative side.

internet impact on life

Today there are so many mental and physical problems coming due to phone and  internet. Phone AI is created such that we get addicted because we don’t know how to use ? What to use? So we use any thing and we are addicted to social media, we are addicted to porn and more things. There are so many entertainment software, apps are available which gives 10 to15sec content due to this our brain wants to change content in few second and we hence lack of concentration. We are not able to focus on any thing more than few minutes. Due to social media most people get dipresed because on social media only people want to show. All advertisements AI designed such as they can  control our mind. We give our personal and credential data every where and many times we get loss. There are many cyber crime is happening, someone lost their money, blackmail and more things. These all are happening due to lack of awareness. We don’t have any training to use internet. 


internet impact on life

Government should block those software who make us addicted those app which make us Concentrationless. media should spread awareness . In our school we have to be trained. Today parents also give their child phone even he don’t know how to use so parents have to understand this is very dangerous. They should not get addicted their children with phone. They should tell their children about positive and negative side of internet and phone. Through TV program cartoon we have to aware our children. If they know about this things in childhood they will be saved from being addicted.

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