In daily life we do get frustrated and as humans we can get a little frustrated, we can get a little restless, so at this point of time what is needed for all of us is the practice of patience. We all need to be patience and somebody said very beautifully “patience is not just the art of reading, patience is the art of waiting with the right attitude.” We have to wait, we have to look through it and the wait can be of minutes or hours or days or weeks or months or years to get out of the situation.


When we use that work “we have to do this,” that is frustrating and when you use the word “I choose to do it,” then it is uplifting like for example:  when you to a doctor and doctor says well you can’t eat this and that and then you say “what to do I have to follow this diet,” it’s frustrating but when you say “I choose to follow this diet,” then it’s inspiring and uplifting. So when we have to wait the question is whether you are going to take it as “I have to” or you are going to take it as “I choose to.” Ultimately we have to wait according to the situation but if you go through the attitude of “I have to” then you come across with hopelessness, restlessness, frustration etc, but if you go through the attitude of “I choose to” work on myself whatever the situation is then this is inspiring and uplifting. If your hair is gone and you treat yourself as you have to maintain this or save this then it’s not your decision or choice which makes you frustrated but when you choose to shave your head then you have already made your choice and this is uplifting and inspiring.

Well, take this principle to your home, waiting what you have to do, whether it’s a corona pandemic you have to, whether it’s results and whatever you have done in terms of gaining success in your endeavours, in relationships to make the bond deeper and deeper you have to. And when this word “you have to” comes it becomes frustrating but when you choose to do it because it’s gonna reward you then it’s uplifting and rewarding.

There are lots of uncertainty in life and during that period let’s not go through this have to wait, let’s start looking at I choose to wait and while I choose to wait let me work on myself, let me work on myself self­development, self­care, self­love, relationships, let me work on it myself and when we do that it can be inspirational and during this time though when the waiting time is going on how do you take that time on how do you keep that right attitude while waiting? answer here is what I do and these words will help you in trying to be patience during this time, when I still take a lots of flights and when I used to fly for my speakings engagements, while travelling some time travelling becomes little troublesome you know like while travelling many people drinks lots, one time the guy sitting next to me asked me that “are you fine if I drink?” I said yes I am totally fine you are seating next to me but it’s your choice and I respect your choices it’s fine, so then in a conversation I said to him,”oh my god it must be bitter right”, and in a reply he told me a saying in hindi that “tauhin na kar sharab ko karwi kehkr, zindagi ke tajurbe sharab se bhi karwe hote hain”, which means do not criticize alcohol by saying it’s bitter, sometimes experiences in life are far way more bitter, by hearing this I said wow..good wisdom and knowledge he have experienced.

Long flights like 16 hours, 17 hours or more that you have to wait, it’s not like a train that you can get off at any station and come back in again. And you know what I do on those flights?..I just be patient because I have to be there, but instead of going through the “have to” I decide to choose to spend my 17 hours in a better way, I have my resting time for a certain number of hours and the take off and lading takes little bit time and then I have my eating time and then I do my work so that I can keep myself busy, I watch little sometime, read a book and it goes, so I have cultivated the right attitude while waiting rather than cribbing that I have to I’m choosing to uplift myself and I tell you what the best part on a long journey where you have to patiently wait is if you got someone like your colleague, friend, a known person or a person having good vibes on board and suddenly the conversation starts and the time flies, you will not even realise thatyou have spend your 6 to 7 hours in chatting, when you have people whom you love right with you to spend the time time flies in a jiffy, patience becomes easy, the sixteen and a half or seventeen hours of flight will go like this and if you have someone who we really don’t want to be with, whom we don’t really deeply connect with, then time comes to a standstill , it is so difficult to keep going. So during these situations we should spend your time wisely, we can only wait in the right attitude for things to end and be genuinely patient if we cultivate that kind of a self­discipline working on ourselves and number two trying to connect to people who are really close to every single day of they are physically around you at home or wherever you live great they are not connecting to them onna video call or facetime call and or a zoom call or on a Skype call or on a whatsapp video call, at this point of time we should really spend quality time.

So please take this one principle that waiting to have to is frustrating and waiting to choose is cultivating and uplifting. We should not force ourselves to wait or do something, we should choose to wait or to do something so that we can spend our time in a good manner and with a good attitude. This have to and choose to makes a hell of difference, so cultivate your time spend your time in a good manner and act at good and suitable time only.

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