People died in space, disasters of space.

Space, it is a topic that huge number of people find it interesting and wants to explore it, but have you ever wondered how many people have died in space or during space program? Space is a no doubt very interesting and nowadays we are talking about the space tourism space-x is all set to send four passenger to space this week, from the kennedy space center in florida , a space-x crew dragon mounted on a falcon 9 rocket . It will be the first mission which will take non professionals to space. While there is no surety that they will complete their mission or not still millions of applications were applied for this program. So now coming to our topic as of 2020 there are 15 astronaut and 4 cosmonaut have been died in space, during space flight. Astronaut have also died
while training for space missions such as apollo 1 launch pad fire killed an entire crew of three.

Now let us see how people die in space?

Though it is very frightening, 10 second of exposure to the vacuum of space would force the water in their skin and blood to vaporise, while their body expanded outward like a balloon being filled with air. Their lungs would collapse and after 30 seconds they would be paralysed- if they weren’t already dead at this point. dead at this point.

Now I am taking your attention to the first death in space. So he was a Russian cosmonaut Vladimir Mikhaylovich Komarov, he was the first man died in space.

Is it painful to die in space?

yes, it is painful suffocation leads to death. The human body has about 15 seconds of usable oxygen in the blood. Once you run through that oxygen, you will take a quick space nap and then die a few minutes later , if someone bleed in space blood can splatter even more than that of earth unconstrained by gravity, or it can pool into a kind of dome around wound or incision , making it hard to see the actual trauma. (doomed : if you are bleeding more than 100 mm per second ), it’s really look frightening to bleed in space.

Now let’s take our discussion to has anybody floated in space?

Yes, in February 7, 1984 Bruce McCandless become the first human to float free from any earthly anchor when he stepped out of the space shuttle challenger and flew away from the ship. But he didn’t die because all safety measures were taken also Nasa has assured that no body will float in space so no anyone till now has died due to floating away from the space shuttle, but the astronauts are really very very brave as all know they are highly educated as well but hats off to their dedication who explores amazing things out of the planet, you would have probably seen many movies in which persons are floating in space in real also astronauts sometimes floats in the space out of their space shuttle for exploration.

The Soyuz 11 disaster

USSR’s Salyut 1 which launched (unmanned) on 19th April was the first space station to park itself above Earth’s, and just after three days later a crew of three Soviets blasted off abroad Soyuz 10 crew docked safely with the Salyut 1, issues with the entry hatch prevented them from entering the space station. During their premature return trip back to earth , toxic chemicals leaked into the air supply of Soyuz 10, causing one cosmonaut to pass away, however all other crew members made it safely to enter home with no long lasting effects

The fatal frontier

Early in the space race Nasa and USSR experienced a surge in deadly jet crashes that killed a number pilots testing advanced rocket propelled planes. Then there was APOLLO 1 fire in January 1967 which killed astronauts Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffe in a horrific manner, during a launch simulation.

Also Kalpana Chawla from India died with her seven crew members in space shuttle Columbia disaster.

These death are dangerous but also they are awarded for their contribution and they make a history as every one have to die one day, but die with honour is something only few person receive it, hat’s of to their dedication.

But these are very less so no worry because technology is evolving day by day and every safety measures are taken so I if you are also one of the people who are planning to visit space you can go for it as now space tourism is developing all you need is to pay to the company a huge amount and enjoy your tour to the space.


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