Importance of fitness? reason and tips.


Today, a large population of the world is not fit which they could be, it is because we have not understood some simple things. These simple things can be easily dispersed, taught to the people and shared to rest of the people of the world.

So, what are these simple things?

Some people are under‐worked and they have ill‐health. And the reason for this is‐ now our body is not being used. Our ancestors used to work 20 times or more activity compared to us that we are doing right now. Today the body is not being used and there is only one way to keep it well, i.e., to use it. The more you use it, better it gets. When you say fitness, probably most of you talk about the physical fitness. The simplest thing about fitness is nothing but just to use the body, if you use it really well, your body has everything to make you fit. Then, does it mean only to use the body and nothing else and you will be perfect?

I will say 80% of the ailments would disappear. So, what about the remaining 20%? Out of the 20%, the 10% is due to the type of food that you are having. So, if you change the food habit, another 10% ailments would also disappear. It means, now you are left with only 10% ailments. There are a variety of reason for this. One is atmospheric and another could be karmic. Out of all the unfit people if 90% of them could become fit just by using their body and having the right food, the 10% could be easily handled. But now, the volume of ailments is very big. The reason for this could be we don’t use our body properly or either we don’t eat properly or we eat very properly.

To put it simple‐ if you exercise your body on a regular basis for at least 30 days, you will find your body will work wonderfully well. If you do the same with your brain and energy, both will work well in a month’s time. And when all of these three things your body, your brain and your energy are balanced well exercised, you will be definitely fit.

Why should you be fit?

Whatever we are going to do in life or whatever we want to achieve in life, unless or until our direction is not right, everything is waste. For example‐

Let us consider your body as a jet plane, unless its material is in right amount the jet plane will crash. If you are a jet plane, what is the right material for you? Think and try to answer. It is nothing but our heath, which is being ignored by many of us. If your body is not in right condition, doesn’t matter how big your goal is or whether you have achieved it because you are not fit and you don’t have the energy as well. So, you are not going to enjoy it. Also, if you would have noticed, sometimes we feel sad without any reason. Why is it so? It is also related to our body. So, your first priority should be to work on your body. So, now the question is‐

How to work on your body?

Some of you might be thinking, by going to gym or by doing yoga, right? It is a very big myth, today most of the population quantify fitness by abs, biceps or by gyms, all these things are on the superficial level. It is also important, but at the end. What is fitness?

Fitness is the state of being stable mentally as well as physically. There are four S for fitness, i.e., Safety, Sustainability, Stretching and Strength.

  • Safety‐ Do analyze yourself, which means if you are doing a particular exercise try to know about it‐ how it works and for this exercise how much time should be given to your muscle to recover it because sometimes the alignment of your bones and that of your joint changes and so, if recovery time is not given then the problem starts and then you can’t proceed further as you are prone to the injury.
  • Sustainability‐ It comes when you enjoy work out, if you enjoy it then the hormones present in your body will give you a feel‐good factor which will make you happy. On the other hand, if you are not enjoying it, you will not be able to sustain for long. And if you will not be able to sustain it then the changes or goal for which you had started to work on your body will not be achieved.
  • Stretching‐ Before strength, stretching is important. Why? The reason is our daily life style, because of that majority people work by sitting only as compared to sitting or walking. But our body is designed for walking. Due to the long hour sitting, our body becomes stiff. For example‐ When you sit on the chair, the knee joint makes an angle of 90 degree but the actual range of the knee joint is 130 to 135 degree, which is not used while sitting. In older times, people used to sit in the crisscross manner and so the range of knee joint was 100 percent used. But the sitting posture of ours that we use today lacks the range from 90 to 135 degree. So, when you exercise with such less range, again you will be prone to injury. Because if your body is not flexible then the joint which is being used during the exercise, will not be used with full efficiency and if you are not going to use it definitely, injury will occur. For example‐ if the range is less in the elbow, then compensation will have to be done from the shoulder. Therefore, flexibility is important and for that stretching is necessary. There are two types of stretching‐ static and dynamic. Static stretches are those in which you hold a single position (like when you sit or stand) for at least 45 seconds. Dynamic stretches are movements that prepare your muscles, tissues and the ligaments for safety. Before work out, i.e., in warm‐ up phase, dynamic stretching is used because it activates the muscle and after work out, i.e., in cool‐down phase, static stretching is used because it helps to relax the muscles.
  • Strength‐ Why is it important? You will be able to do your daily activities very easily even without pain or fatigue. That’s also a definition of fitness ‐ if you are able to complete the task without fatigue, then on that basis you will fall in the category of fit. Major benefit of the strong muscle is that if your muscles are strong, then pressure is removed from the joints and the weight is absorbed by the muscles.

A person should know how fit he/she is. You should know your fitness level and based upon that you can decide your fitness goal. There are some simple tests which you can do at home to check your fitness level like you can calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) based upon your height and weight, BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is the rate of metabolism at resting phase, heart rate can be calculated by using the formula (220‐your age), push‐ups, etc. Being aware to all these points will help you in leading a happy, fit and healthy life.

“Fitness not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood.” So, make it your favorite habit.

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