How to Reinvent Yourself For Better Life?


The term itself is highly promising. The first question that arises in our minds is that what is the need to reinvent yourself/ ourselves? In order to answer this, just pause into the life you are leading right now, and ask yourself, Are you Happy with whatever you have in your life? Do you see yourself merely as a part of the crowd, leading the same old life as a millions of other people? Do you see yourself achieving your goal with the current attitude you have?” – all these questions will definitely answer your need to reinvent yourself.


Once we have identified our need, we are good to go ahead with the process itself. Start by making a list of your goals. Your dreams, your aspirations, your purpose of life- pen down everything in the list. It can be anything- starting from being a fashion designer, to owning a restaurant in foreign country.


APJ Abdul Kalam once said-

“A person without dreams is a body without soul.” 

Sort out your priorities next. One of the most important steps is sorting out priorities. People often fall into their own self-made cages just because the prioritized their dreams in an inefficient manner. For example, let’s say you are a school student, you are going to appear for your secondary examinations. You aspire of being a world class gamer. You cannot just leave your studies and focus all your time in gaming. Prioritize a minimal time for your studies and focus the rest on your gaming. Third step is to knowing and accepting your cons. It is only human to have flaws about yourself. Self-assessment plays a major part in reinventing yourself, to find a better person within you. Realizing your drawbacks and working on improving them is always a good sign. Focus on your goals and dreams and improving on your drawbacks in achieving them will help you move towards your goal. In the journey of achieving our dream, we often forget an important factor that is proper diet and rest. More often than not, it is important that we take a step back and shut down our body for a few hours so that we  are able to work with our full efficiency again. People often forget the role of nutritious food and rest which results in frustration, insomnia, and inefficient work. In several cases, we might even just miss our goal in absence of it. Start living a healthy lifestyle with proper 6 to 7 hours of rest. However sometimes when you enjoy doing your work, you might just want to put it down to 3 to 4 hours even. In a journey towards success, failures are bound to come. There is no value of success if the path towards it doesn’t have failures. One must learn to overcome their failures in this journey. The best way of dealing with failures is keeping a positive attitude towards them. Learning from past mistakes, and improvise on them. Many world leaders and CEOs of multinational companies had once gone bankrupt. However, what kept them on track was their positive attitude and determination to succeed.

The  above points will make sure that you keep moving ahead towards your goal. However, the most important characteristic if you want to reinvent yourself is SELF-CONFIDENCE. Believe in yourself and your goal. Never for a moment doubt yourself. Keep loving yourself. In the mad rush of running after your dream, don’t forget to take a step back sometimes and have some time for yourself.

Following all the above steps, you will be reincarnating yourself into the best version of you that ever existed. You will redefine yourself, Reinvent Yourself and reach limits that you never knew existed.  You will re-invent yourself.



  •  Find out your need to reinvent yourself.
  • Make a list of your goals and dreams. Dream Big!
  • Sort out your priorities and deal with them one at a time keeping in mind both the short term as well as long term goals.
  • Keep re-assessing yourself and work on your drawbacks.
  • Focus on your goal and keep yourself away from useless distractions.
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and rest.

  • Have a positive attitude.

  • Learn to deal with failures.

  • Always believe in yourself.

  • confidence and self-love are x-factors towards your goal that set you apart from others.
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