How to Get Hired by Your Dream Company

You can crack your dream company which will give you a very big package doesn’t matter whether you are an engineer or not, you are from CS stream or not.


So, What should be the correct path/ How should you proceed? This blog is going to be important for you if you’re a college student, whether you’re in the first, second, third, fourth year. But before proceeding further, I would like to clear all the misconceptions that the people generally have in their mind Only the students of a good college i.e., IITs, NITs, IIITs, other government colleges can get good placements. Only Computer Science students can be in their dream companies. You should be an engineer and very intelligent. You should have an expensive laptop to learn the courses like coding, other courses.

Three or four years from now, it was easy for the students to study as well as enjoy their college life. But nowadays since everything has become digital and students are aware of the things and syllabus that is asked by the companies so, they prepare from the very first year of their college, and hence, the competition has become very tough. So, I’ll say enjoy your life but do study also for at least two hours.


Generally, there are four rounds based on which you’ll be selected :-

1) First of all, the company will shortlist the names of the students based on the CGPA that you’ll be having. So, you should maintain a good CGPA, now you’ll be thinking that some of your seniors had not very good CGPA but still they got selected then why can’t you? Yes, you can also be selected but you should be ready for all the situations. Suppose, 500 students from your college are sitting for the test and the company needs only 100 students to sit for the placement round. Then they will definitely take the students with a good CGPA and big companies generally take students with good CGPA.

2) There is a Coding round which is of three rounds itself:‐ Language, Data Structures, Algorithms Language. You should have a good knowledge of C++, JAVA, PYTHON.

  • C++ is used in the operating system of APPLE, MICROSOFT, game development, etc.
  • JAVA is used in android development, web application.
  • PYTHON is used in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), etc.

Now, some of you would be thinking that should I know all these three languages perfectly, can’t I choose one? So, let me do it clear for you. When it comes to placement, a data analyst company gives you only 5‐12 lakhs. I have used the word only because this blog is on our dream companies. You can make assignments on AI, ML using Python in your college. But if we talk specifically about placement, most of the companies won’t allow you to write your code in Python because Python has a library in it and so, we can write a very long code in two‐three lines only and is easy for everyone. So, you should have the knowledge of PYTHON but it’s not going to help you in the long run. Competition is all about JAVA and C++, but if you want a specific language then you can go with C++.


Because in Technical Interview round, questions related to C language may be asked like‐ pointers topic, C related codes may be asked, which is in C++ not in JAVA. Also, if you want to go on a higher level in competitive coding then C++ is good. You can learn JAVA in 2 to 3 weeks only if you have a grip on C++. I’m not praising any particular language, it’s only my point of view.

Data Structures and Algorithms: You must practice at least one or two questions related to this topic and you should know the algorithms also Start from the first-year consistently, it is not that you should wait for your third or fourth year, if you’ll start from your first year, you’ll have your own job before the third year of college. But whenever you come to know all these, doesn’t matter in which year you are because “It’s never too late”.

3) Technical Interview Round: It can be of 2‐4 rounds depending upon the number of students in your college. In this round, questions related to Data Structure and Algorithms may be asked orally, questions related to your main subjects may be asked. You can tell about the projects on which you’ve worked during your college. Also, you should have knowledge about all that is written in your CV/resume. Don’t add any extra thing which you don’t know in your resume, because you’ll be asked questions from your resume.

Now, the company has seen your technical skills, you’ll be called for the HR Round.

4) HR Round: You may be asked about your studies, why you want to work in their company, about your success and failures, your hobbies.


So, that’s all it is. I’m telling you only to at least two hours to your studies in college, can’t you?

Your energy should be high enough to achieve your target. Now you’re in college, This time will never come back. I know many of you would be thinking to follow this but only some of you’ll really follow! Don’t think I’ll do it later because “PROCRASTINATION IS THE THIEF OF TIME”.

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