Accident types, causes, Effects and prevention.

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Accident is undesired, unplanned event which resulted to an injury or death or damaged to property or environment.

In this particular blog we will get know about the accidents, types of accidents , cause of accidents and effect of accidents means how accident effect us.

Types of Accident:

Based on severity, durability & degree or injury

    1. Minor Accidents

  • Less harmful in nature to the worker
  • Preventing employees from working for the period less 48 hrs from the time of accident.
  • Not necessary to report to report to higher management

    2. Reportable Accidents

  • Injuries caused to the worker prevent him from working for the period of 48 hrs or more.
  • Supervisor should do reporting to the higher management5
  • Accident is little complicated than the minor accident

   3. Fatal Accidents

  • Its resulted into death of the employee
  • Its reporting to the top management, legal bodies & police is must.

    4 .Accident due to dangerous occurrences

  • Explosion fire, hazardous gas leakage may be the reasons for such accidents
  • Man as well as property can be damaged

    5. Internal Accidents

  • Injuries without showing external signs are called as internal accidents

      Ex:- Fractured bones

    6. External Accidents

  • Injury with external signs

    7. Major Accidents

  • Accidents causing death or permanent or prolonged disability to the injured employee is called major accident

    8. Temporary Accidents

  • Injury after accident disables for a short period or a day or a week.

    9. Permanent Accident

  • Injury after accident disables the affected worker forever.
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Causes Of Accident:


  • Poor Knowledge of work
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Not following rules & regulations
  • Over confident behavior
  • Stress in work
  • Un-nesessary dairing
  • Using Mobile phone while working
  • No experience
  • Bad habits
  • Fear

    2. Management

  • Provision of unsafe workplace to workers
  • Look of safe procedures
  • Loss control on workers
  • Extra Workload to employees

    3. Unsafe working condition

  • Poor workplace layout
  • Exposure to moving parts
  • Bad housekeeping
  • Chemical leakage
  • Poor illumination

    4. Natural

  • Earthquake, Flood, Storm etc.
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Effects of Accident:

    1. Worker

  • Injury to body
  • Loss of skills
  • Loss of job
  • Leave of recovery
  • Financial loss
  • Loss of lives

    2. Family

  • Loss earning member
  • Hospitalization related time & money losses
  • Attention to patient needs
  • Stability of family is disturb
  • Feeling of insecurity
  • Other family members may lose working hours after accident of their family member

    3. Management

  • Time to solve the case
  • Issues related to court, police, hospital & compensation
  • Status among competitors is affected
  • Faith of workers gets disturbed

    4. Industry

  • Production Stoppage
  • Bad message t other workers
  • Reputation is lowered
  • Financial loss for compensating the affected
  • Extra cost on recovery of machine
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