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Dear Motherland

It’s been a long time that I am thinking of picking up pen and paper and writing something to you; sharing some feelings with you. But I am also a little ashamed of myself. I have all time on earth to chat with my friends, to play games and watch the television. And when it comes to writing to you, I have always kept neglecting it. And here now stands before you a daughter who wants to apologize to you from the core of her heart. As a matter of fact, today, Rabindranath Tagore’s famous song “Amar Desher Mati” acted as an eye opener for me. I understood what wrong I did by ignoring you. You are my mother, and being your daughter I should not hesitate to confess my wrong deeds to you.

While thinking about the so called NRIs, for instance, I often blame them for leaving this sacred soil and settling abroad mostly for material pursuits. But when it came to judging me, I found myself guilty of committing a similar offence. Maybe, so far I have not thought of abandoning the country like those NRIs, but have I ever done anything for you? I have had enough time to think for my family, parents, friends and relatives. But I have never taken a single moment out of my daily schedule to think about you. Without ever asking for anything in return, you have always gifted me with whatever I felt the need for. In return, I have always neglected you. I have abused your precious bounties. Who knows, every drop of water that I have misused is perhaps mingled with your priceless tears. Yes, I have always taken you for granted.

our motherland

The time has now arrived when I should pay back; not because you want it. But, I should do something because that is my first duty in life. I have to prove myself your worthy daughter. I will definitely do something to make you proud. Mother! I aim of being a doctor. I will not just be a doctor, but an honest person who cares for the soil that has given her everything.

I hail from a semi-rural part of the country and I know what misery is. I know what it is like to die a thousand deaths in dearth of even the most basic medical facilities; that too after 70 years of independence. It’s my pledge that I will work hard to change the scenario. Besides, I also have other responsibilities towards you. It is our duty to keep our country clean. Again, it is we who can make our country completely literate.

our motherland
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Sourajita Kar

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