Why do so many people hate their job?

In today’s world about 65% of people are doing job for their livelihood, and they are feeding their family, and people spend their 15‐20 years of life in study to get a job, then the question is why so many people hate their job ?

By a survey it was found that around only 20% people are passionate about their work or love them and about 30% people believes that they have just reached the job where they wanted and they somehow doing good, but rest people are willing to switch their job or do not love their work in which they are involved.

So let us find why people hate their job or want to switch their job?

Some of the main reasons for not loving their jobs are:‐

1. students are forced from childhood.

Basically in India almost more than 60% of population belongs form middle family, in which many parents force their children form a very young age to do a particular course which leads them to land in an unliked job or they do not get the opportunity what they actually wanted to be, sometimes parents force their children to become a doctor or an engineer just because they had a dream to become that particular thing but they were not able to become due to lack of opportunity, hence they want to give every possible thing to do that course or to do that particular job, this leads very stressful life of their children, they are left with no option instead to agreeing to their parents, and also in India it is like a rule for 80% of middle family that if they have a boy he will become engineer and girl will follow to become a doctor, so if the boy or girl wants to pursue any other career say singer or cricketer he is given very less chance and force to do the particular thing suggested by their family which is the main cause for a huge number of people in don’t love their job.

This happens mostly in India and it’s one of the major factor.

2. Type of work/Unemployment

Many people study very hard and regularly to get a job, but due to some reason if they didn’t get that job and finds a lower or another job which leads them to hate their job, also unemployment is another big factor which plays crucial role in this topic, mostly in India which is the second most populous country, unemployment rate is about 5% where people merely finds a job . Which leads them to do any job for their livelihood many time very much skilled and educated people are seen to working in very lower post, hence it is obvious that he will not like his job or he will like to switch his job, hence type of work and unemployment is the another big factor that leads people to hate their job.

3. Boss/Colleagues

Yes, you heard right in company good relationship between boss and employee plays a major role in development of company but sometimes bosses are not so good or they are rude or they are not able to make a good relationship with their employees which leads to feel people unwell during their work time and they starts to hate their job and sometimes they switch their job, also their teammates and colleagues are very important because they spends much more time together so a good relationship between them helps in enjoying the job, but sometimes it lacks and people finds no interest in their job, and starts to find another job.

4. Growth/salary

Growth is very important in everybody’s life especially when you are working very hard, but you are got getting any good results and your growth is almost stagnant then it’s very depressing, also salary is the big factor sometimes we are not satisfied with our salary but we do our job just to pay our bills or we are not able to find any good job, salary is always the biggest factor, many people love high salary whatever the work they are willing to do it happily, so low salary and stagnant growth is one of the major factor in hating job or switching job.

5. Depression/Family problem

Since every day is not same for everybody it is obvious that people will face problem in their life sometimes they are depressed or they have family problems or many types or other problems leads to hate the job they are doing and wants to quit their job, so depression and family problem is also one of the biggest factor.

Now we have seen what are the major factors that leads people to hate their job?

Now let’s talk about how to deal with it..

If you are one of them who don’t like their job you should do these things, first find the reason why you don’t love your job, if these are due to past action try to cope with it and always do things with joy, if there is boss or colleagues problem try to be nice to them and give them respect still if it is not working find a now company and enjoy your work because happiness is the main priority of a person if you are happy you will be satisfied and you will enjoy your life with the fullest, if we are not enjoying our life what is the meaning of working hard daily.

If the problem is growth or salary maybe you are not working hard or you are not up to the mark of expectations that is needed or you might be lacking in skills so work hard and hard instead of hating your job and focus on your skills and get some new skills that will surely give you more salary and your growth will also increase.

If you are facing any family problem or depression don’t take stress or take leave from work and have leave of somedays and try to fix your problem. if you are having any depression take leave go to tour with your family or enjoy vacation it really helps in becoming refresh.

Some another cause of hating job may be.

  1. Praise addiction: Some times people are praise addiction they want to be praised for their work and lack of this can be a cause.
  2. Fear of being wrong: Sometimes people are overwhelmed by fear of being wrong they thinks what will happen if it will be wrong this can also be a cause of hating job.
  3. Overworking: Overworking is another big cause because there is a limited work a person can do but sometimes they are forced to overwork or sometimes they do this for money which leads to health issue or people starts to hate their job or sometimes they start to hate their life, we should protect ourself from over working and we should take care of our health as we all know “Health is Wealth” we should do overworking only when it’s urgent.
  4. Ethics: Sometimes ethics also plays a role for not loving their job, some people are devoted to their ethics and they do not want to compromise from it.so sometimes they didn’t find the ethics they had in the company or where they work so they don’t like their job or want to switch.
  5. Responsibility:  Sometimes family responsibility plays a big role in why people hate their job, sometimes people want to study more but their family or money problem force them to do a particular job and hence they hate their job.

So now tell us if you like your job or not, if not what is the reason behind it.

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