What is the correct way to write a blog?

How to write a blog? or what is the correct way to write a blog? How to write an SEO‐friendly blog?

If you all are finding the answer to all these questions then you are at the correct place! So, with this blog, I will tell you all the precautions to be taken and the points required to write a blog. Everyone wants to earn money by blogging. Some people write very good blogs but have no idea whether their blog is SEO friendly or not. If you want to rank your blogs then you have to follow some very important steps.

If you are writing your blog in your way then little your blog will generate traffic and maybe it will rank. Many bloggers quit blogging because they don’t get the traffic they expected which is wrong. Blogging is very easy if you know how to write blogs. Actually, it’s very easy to know about blogging if you have little or no knowledge about it.

So, before writing a blog there are certain precautions or rules you must know to make your blog rank on Google. So, let’s start with those points which will help you to generate traffic on your blog and will also help to rank it on Google.

1. Select a good or a trending topic:‐

Before starting a blog selection of topic is very important. You should select that topic only in which you have good knowledge and have a great interest. If you do so then you will enjoy your writing rather than feeling it as a burden. Never select a topic in which you don’t have any interest. If you are selecting a niche of a topic then you should write a blog in a micro‐niche to rank it on Google. e.g. If you have a good knowledge of electric appliances (niche) then you should write a blog on it. If you want to select a micro‐niche then you can select any electric appliance like a computer, mobile phone, laptop, etc.

2. Select a good blogging platform: ‐

If you want to become a successful blogger then you can choose WordPress and work on it. WordPress provides ample tools that make writing easier and you will enjoy the process. Blogger is also a good alternative that is hosted by Google. it’s a website of google only. If you are blogging just for time pass then Blogger is one of the best options. Blogging is easier on this website and even it provides free hosting. If you want to do full‐time blogging or if in the future you want to become a full‐time blogger then you should choose WordPress and write blogs on it.

3. Choose a good hosting and domain: ‐

If blogging is your passion, then you should buy good hosting and a good domain. You can search on Google about the websites that provide good hosting and domain. Good and fast hosting will make your website stand out from the others. Sometimes due to high loading time, the visitors go to other websites, which lowers the traffic of your website. So, you should buy good hosting after doing ample research on it.

4. Regular blogging: ‐

To generate good traffic on your blog you should post good quality content and be consistent. One benefit of posting regularly is that your old blogs will also start generating traffic. But with full zest do not post 10‐20 blogs daily. It won’t benefit you but will make you frustrated. If you are getting lots of free time then you can post at most 3‐4 blogs. So, in case you are busy someday your previous blogs will help to generate traffic.

5. Write good quality content: ‐

Good quality content is always important to rank your content on Google. Google only ranks the best content posted. If you are writing about a topic. First of all, get good knowledge about the topic, cover and elaborate all the points. You can also take the help of related articles from google.

6. Write a helpful blog: ‐

It is said that “Benefitting others will benefit you”. The same saying is also applicable here. If you are writing a blog keep in mind the needs of your visitors. Do not think about yourself rather than think about doing good to your visitors. Google promotes those contents that are helpful for the viewers. Many writers post many blogs to get Google AdSense approved but due to low content quality, they fail. If somehow your Google AdSense is approved then also you cannot generate good traffic on your blog because of low content quality.

7. Do not copy‐paste content: ‐

It’s one of the most important point a writer should keep in mind while writing a blog. Many writers think that they will copy‐paste other’s content and will earn through them. If you also have the same thinking. Then you thinking is wrong. You will get copyright and Google never approve AdSense on copyright content. Some people convert blogs written in other languages to English. Google will also not approve AdSense to those contents. So, keep in mind that the content posted by you is also written by you.

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