What is Bihar special armed police bill 2021?

1.Why Bihar need a special armed police ?

 The Bihar government says that as Bihar is on a way to developing so the state needs a new special armed police to meet the requirements of airport security, industrial security, metro, railways, etc.

2. What will they do?

They will also look into the maintenance of public order. They will also look after the protesters, Sloganeering, and much more which is against the Bihar government.

3. Misuse special armed police?

The Government says that the officers are trained in such a way that they can arrest anyone without any reasonable proof based on a suspect. Special armed officers can enter his/her place or property without any search warrant because obtaining a search warrant may give the offenders a chance to escape.

4. No control of court over the special police force?

This new reform states that the court has no control over them, which means the power of courts will be snatched away, virtually.

Opposition leaders – They say that this reform is unconstitutional and the BJP-JDU combine want dictatorship in Bihar by misusing the special armed police. The opposition leaders Tejashwi Yadav(RJD) and Rahul Gandhi(Congress) opposed the police bill and raised the matter in the Rajya Sabha. Many leaders like Rabri Devi, Rahul Gandhi, Tejashwi Yadav showed their protest through their tweets.

This is a shame to Nitish Kumar that he made Women Leader  Anita Devi dragged by a special armed police force. : Rabri Devi


 Rabri Devi tweets  “पूर्व मंत्री हमारी महिला विधायक अनिता देवी जी को निर्लज्ज नीतीश कैसे घसीटवा रहे है। इसी क्रम में साड़ी भी खुल जाती है।”#नीतीशकुमारशर्मकरो

Rahul Gandhi Tweets  “#बिहार विधानसभा की शर्मनाक घटना से साफ़ है कि मुख्यमंत्री पूरी तरह RSS/BJP-मय हो चुके हैं। लोकतंत्र का चीरहरण करने वालों को सरकार कहलाने का कोई अधिकार नहीं है। विपक्ष फिर भी जनहित में आवाज़ उठाता रहेगा- हम नहीं डरते!”

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Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar warned the opposition alliance against provoking the ruling National Democratic Alliance, citing that it was numerically stronger. Kumar shouted that “the entire public saw what goondaism took place yesterday. They will give you a befitting reply”. He also said that “our people sat quietly and maintained the decorum while you all were engaged in mischief. Be ready for the consequences.

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Misuse or Not?

The most arisen question from this bill will someone use these special armed forces for their reason?

This is not the first time that such powerful forces are been introduced to the states. In other countries like the UK, you will find a similar kind of special armed policies.

UK Police Bill:

1) They can decide the time, place, and duration of protests.

2) If it feels inconvenient then they can cancel any protest.

3) If you refuse to follow the policy then you will be fined £2,500 or more.

According to the government, this provision is only about offences under the Act. “The punishable offences under this Act relating to internal acts of gross indiscipline, insubordination, etc. Accordingly, the Act provides that in case a Special Armed Police officer commits any offence under this Act, the court shall take cognizance of the offence only on receipt of a report and with the previous sanction of an officer authorized by the government. However if any State Armed Police Officer commits an offence under any other law such as IPC etc, there is no protection for him under this act and action shall be taken against him as per law,” the government statement says.

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