Remember the last time when you had a good laugh. What was the reason behind?

It is often said that we use fewer facial muscles to smile than to frown. So, the question is‐ ‘why overwork those muscles to create more stress’. Do you know the benefits of laughter?

Many scientific studies have shown the benefits of laughter and hence the field of medicine had also recognized it as the best form of therapy and it’s true. So…This article tells you about a smile or laughter that benefits us.

The sight of someone laughing or the sound of laughter is contagious‐ as soon as we come across any of them, we start making an exact copy of it. It would not be wrong to say that humor is even far more infectious than any air‐borne disease with the power of a virus that conveys a slew of benefits for the mind and body. When we share laughter, it ties people together and gives more happiness and intimacy. In addition to that, it activates several healthy physical benefits in your body and is strong medicine for your mind as well. Laughter activates the several regions of your brain: motor cortex which controls the muscles, the limbic system responsible for modulating positive emotions and the frontal lobe responsible for making you understand the context, all these together helps the brain coordinate its activity and improves your mood.

Laughter and humor boost your energy, strengthens your immune system, reduces pain, and keeps us safe from the damage that the stress brings. And you know its best part is it is fun, free of cost and quite easy to use.


Let’s see how a good laugh, or humor at its best, can benefit us:

  • Relaxes the whole body

When you laugh, the intake of oxygen‐rich air increases which in turn stimulates your heart, lungs and muscles, and increases the endorphins (a chemical that the human body needs for an overall sense of well‐being) released by the brain. So, it not only relieves physical tension from the body but also lightens your mood.

  • Boosts the immune system

Negative thoughts change into chemical reactions which affects your body, resulting in production of stress and decrease in immune cells. It releases neuropeptides which help in reducing the stress and increases infection fighting antibodies, increasing your body’s ability to fight disease.

  • Prevents heart disease

Laughter is helpful in increasing blood flow throughout the body, allowing your heart, lungs and muscles to function properly and efficiently, it inhibits the growth of plaque in the arteries. Thus, protecting us against a heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases.

  • Helps you to live long

According to a study conducted in Norway, it was found that people with a strong sense of humor outlived those who don’t laughed as much. The difference was easily noticeable in the cancer patients.

  • Reduces weigh

Overweight can make you feel miserable but if you want to lose your extra calories, laughing for 10 to 15 minutes a day can burn approximately 40 calories because it applies force onto the muscles which helps in burning calories. A new research published in the International Journal of Obesity has discovered that laughter really is the best medicine for weight problem.

  • Relieve pain

According to the research presented at the European Pain Federation Congress (EFIC) held in Florence, Italy‐Laughter may not be the best but it can ease the chronic pain by causing the body to produce its natural painkiller.

  • Lightens anger

Nothing works faster than a shared laugh in case of conflicts and tensions. It heals resentments, hurtful sentiments, disagreements, etc. and helps us come closer.

  • Improves your mood

It releases happy hormones like dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin. A combination of yoga and voluntary laughter has cured depression and anxiety as laughterreduces the stress by reducing the stress hormones called cortisol, initiates positive feelings, energy and makes you feel good.

  • Makes you look younger

Laughter increases the blood flow to your cheeks which brings glow on the face making you look younger.


When we were born the only way through which you communicated was a smile or laughter. So, it is God‐gifted, we must not forget it from our grown‐up existence. Imagine, if just hearing a person laugh can put you in good mood, then what impact it will have on you if you do it on a daily basis. Laughing, guffawing and giggling together brings happiness. And this happiness remains with you even after the laughter subsides. Laughter has a crucial role to play in our relationship whether it is your initial attraction or long‐term commitment. Humor is also one of the qualities that people look for in their life partner, adding a little humor to your relationship will help it to succeed and survive. It attracts another person, adds joy and vitality to our memories, making them much dearer than ever before. Of course, love can keep us together, but it is shared laughter which makes our relationships joyful and everlasting.

“If Love is the treasure, laughter is the key.”


You have become too busy in your lives today that you have forgotten to laugh. You are taking yourselves too seriously, so first of all stop being too much serious, add fun to your life. And it can be done by reminding ourselves that our life is just a dot on the canvas of time. Could that dot be so important as to block a natural action of a smile or laughter?

We can learn from children as they don’t take things too much seriously, laugh at ordinary things making the atmosphere positive. When they face any difficulty and don’t know how to solve it, they transform it into a game and then they imagine things which helps them in finding the solution. Laughing frequently supports you emotionally as well as physically, so is the best way to overcome any problem. Also, humor is a great healer. It is almost impossible toremain angry with that person who also makes you laugh, even if that someone has committed any mistake. Once you find the funny side, you will automatically start laughing with them. You can start with a smile. Smile is the first step towards laughter and like laughter, it is also contagious. When you look at someone around with a smiling face, automatically a smile comes to your face unless and until you are a moody person.

Laughter gives you a new way from where you can start seeing the whole world from a cheerful and relaxed perspective. So, go ahead and give it a try!
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