Comfort zone- the most dangerous place to live?

What is comfort zone?

Psychological definition:A comfort zone is a psychological state in which things feel familiar to a person and they are at ease and in control of their environment, experiencing low levels of anxiety and stress. In this zone, a steady level of performance is possible.

It is nothing but the way you feel or think and this is the very place where we always live but, it is the most dangerous place to live in. Then, why do we live here? What is the reason? It’s because no matter how bad it is, it is comforting. Our mind is always afraid of the unknown things as we don’t know what that will be and so, we are scared. We are afraid to choose a different path because no one follows it. This is called “fear of the unknown.”

What makes the difference between successful and unsuccessful?

The successful personalities and those committed to be successful with whatever they are doing in their lives, the most important aspect is that they have not limited themselves only where they are comfortable. Let’s say you’re instantly told to go on the stage and sing a song, will you go? If you won’t go then someone else will snatch this opportunity, this is what makes the difference. Someone came out of his comfort zone, now he is in the race. We all have a hidden potential, about which we don’t have much idea. Potential means if you are taught a new skill, given proper training about a new thing, you will have a level, you will come to know where you stand and that’s your potential. Then, why do most of the people fail? Don’t they have potential? 90% people fail not because they want to achieve something big in their life but because they think small and get it and they don’t come out of it for the life time. For example‐ Suppose you start consuming alcohol, if you want to leave it, you’ll have to leave it initially because you know, you will be addicted to it as the time passes and you’ll not be able to leave it even if you wish to. Same is the case with our career, you need to see what will be the future of whatever you are doing today. Human beings have come with much potential and because of that they need certain level of striving to be successful in the lives.

What is success?

If your idea of success is being better than your friends and relatives, that’s sickness or success; you are happy that your friends and relatives are lower than you, is this sickness or success? It is sickness, it doesn’t matter whether you’re better than somebody or not, that question shouldn’t come in your mind even. Since, you are born as a human being, you are largely unformed, you don’t come fix, you have to fix yourself. Different people will give different opinions, your business is to make something worthwhile out of yourself, that’s your success. It doesn’t matter somebody thinks you’re worthwhile or not. You should know that you’re worthwhile, that’s enough.

When can you be in comfort zone?

In the long run, one should not remain in comfort zone, but we can say comfort zone is necessary if you’re 40, you’ve your own family, you have responsibilities and so stepping of the comfort zone may lead you and your family to suffer. Never get into a comfort zone at this age. If you’re very comfortable in your life today, your life is going to be very uncomfortable in future. If you want to go ahead in life, what you do in your life hasn’t that much importance but what matters is what you leave. There is a lot of burglary only then you can go to the next level.

Why should you leave your comfort zone?

Leaving your comfort zone will make you: ‐

  • a better version of yourself.
  • Prepare for the unexpected.
  • More confident than before.
  • When you will step out of your comfort zone, your knowledge, skills, opportunity will increase.

How to come out of the comfort zone?

The very first step of coming out of your comfort zone is to take risks, only then you can grow. Here are some tips to come out of your comfort zone: Take small steps, don’t try for a high jump. Explore what is outside of your comfort zone, why do you need to come out of it? What will you achieve, if you come out of it? Keep you aim clear.  Be honest, don’t lie to yourself.


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