World's most expensive Tea:

After water, the most consumed drink in the world is Tea.

It is consumed the most in China.

We have our Tea from road-side stalls.

But there is an exclusive tea which costs more than gold.

This high-quality tea is called Da Hong pao.

China was the birthplace of tea and today still China accounts for more than 35% of the total world tea consumption.

And it's no surprise that the most expensive Tea also comes from China.

The reason for its high cost is its scarcity.

This tea comes from a rare type of tree in China called Mothers Trees.

Said to be thousands of years old, only six of those original trees still exist.

And because of which it's been designated a national treasure and its harvesting has been banned since 2006.

China has banned its harvesting so they can be studied.

If you want to buy, then you've to spend around Rs.10-12 crore.