Google Doodle honours Mostafa El-Abbadi on the eve of his 94th birthday

By: Marco Carola

A renowned Egyptian historian and professor of Greco-Roman studies acknowledged with nominating the revival of the Library of Alexandria.

Mostafa El-Abbadi was born on this day (October 10) in 1928 in Cairo

At the age of 22, El-Abbadi graduated with honours from the University of Alexandria.

The govertbof Egypt then granted him a scholarship to attend the University of Cambridge where he studied under famous historians while gaining his doctorate in ancient history

He then returned to the University of Alexandria and became a lecturer and later a professor in Greco-Roman studies.

He had particular interest in Library of Alexandria.

Mostafa El-Abbadi started project of rebuilding of the Library in late 80's which was destroyed around 2000 years ago during Julius Caesar's war

UNESCO and other organizations in collaboration with the Egyptian government took 15 years to complete this revival project resulting in new Library of Alexandria with over 8 million books spread over its several floors.

As a esteeed historian and Egyptologist, El-Abbadi is also famous for giving lectures around the world.