What happened to Einstein's brainā€¦?shockingšŸ˜²

Albert Einstein's brain was so sharp that even after his death it travelled all over America.

His brain was stolen during the autopsy.

The thief was none other than his autopsies and the Pathologist Thomas Harvey.

Harvey wanted to see if there was a difference between the brain of an average person and the one of a genius.

Harvey's obsession with Einstein's brain cost him his job, medical license and even his marriage but he didn't stop.

He cut the brain into 240 pieces and donated the pieces to the researchers in the US.

He stored the training pieces in jars and preserved them in coolers.

Those stored parts were found by a journalist 23 years later.

The scientists found that the brain was different from a normal brain.

The neurons in his left hippocampus were bigger than the right one.

The neural structure allowed for better communication between neurons.