"The Watcher" Review in 9 points

The Watcher is a mystery thriller released on Netflix having 7 episodes of 40-50 minutes each.

Brannock's family shifts to new house. They start receiving mysterious letters from a stalker who's calls himself "The Watcher".

It is based on true events and because the mystery was unsolved in real life so it's unsolved in the series as well. Prepare your mind for it.

Still it's pretty unique and interesting. Creators have nicely set up everything.

As the mysteries unfold the show becomes interesting right from the first episode. Every episode has some twists and turns.

Family goes through mental breakdown. You will start feeling for the family. At times, you may feel angry at the stalker.

You'll like Dean's character who's Nora Brannock's husband and will want him to unfold the mystery.

Actors have done a fantastic job. Production quality and music makes it even more engaging.

The end may be disappointing, but the series is complete in itself.