The student loan forgiveness campaign

Now the Americans having loan debt can apply for forgiveness to the department of  education.

The application is now available online.

The Americans department of education has introduced a Beta version of the application  site

Millions of people can now apply for their debt cancellation from $10,000 to $20,000.

Application is simple and easy to use and can be approached on its website.

For unmarried couples who earn under $1,25,000 can cancel their school loan debt upto  $10,000.

For married couples, if their joint income is under $2,50,000 then each person is eligible  to cancel their debt upto $10,000.

Under this scheme, students with low income can cancel their loan debt upto $20,000.

According to the White house, approximately 44 million federal student loan borrowers are eligible for their debt cancellation.

The last date to apply for their debt cancellation is November 15.

The Department of education will start processing the loan forgiveness application by the  end of 2023.