The Simpsons are coming back

The legendary show, The Simpsons, has confirmed that they will soon be coming with season 34.

The twist? Two of its episodes will be based on Halloween.

The series will be releasing its trademark Treehouse of Horror, continuing its series but, also releasing the episode with its parody of the popular clown horror movie, IT.

In the episode, we will see Krusty, taking on the role of the clown, Pennywise with the other fellow characters, along with Homer, Marge, Moe, Carl and the comic guy playing the role of the various kids in the story.

Homer with his fellow friends who are all teenagers will be followed by the killer scary clown.

The team has released that, they haven’t tried any dark, dangerous concept in the show, they and the Simpsons fans are looking forward to the show, The Simpsons, Treehouse of Horror.