The partial solar eclipse today, the final one of 2022

The moon will pass in front of the sun on Tuesday (Oct.25), causing a partial solar eclipse, the last solar eclipse of 2022.

The second and final solar eclipse of the year will be visible only from certain parts of the globe, primarily in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

This eclipse will not be visible in the United States.

If you don't live in one of these areas, don't need to regret or fret.

Millions of people who will not be able to see this eclipse in person can watch the solar events live on the internet accross various websites.

The time of the starting of eclipse will depend on the oberserver's point.

The eclipse will start from the Atlantic Ocean at 08:58:20 GMT, which is approximately 4:58 a.m. EDT.

The eclipse will end at 9:01 a.m. EDT (1301 GMT).

According to retired NASA astrophysicist and eclipse expert Fred Espenak (opens in new tab), the eclipse will peak at 7 a.m. EDT (1100 GMT).

During this partial solar eclipse, the point of maximum eclipse will be over the North Pole, where the moon will cover 82% of the sun.

To watch live streame of solar eclipse visit this link:

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