The agency CEO's assault on Omega X members was captured on video.

Omega X is an 11-piece K-pop boy band that debuted in June 2021 under Spire Entertainment with its first EP "Vamos."

Jaehan, Hwichan, Sebin, Hangyeom, Taedong, Xen, Jehyun, Kevin, Jung-hoon, Hyuk, and Yechan are the band's 11 members, all of whom are in their twenties.

The agency behind Omega X has denied allegations that its CEO verbally and physically assaulted members of the band, but more evidence and witnesses are emerging online.

SBS Entertainment News, which broke the story the day before, released exclusive video footage of what it claims to be Spire Entertainment's CEO on Monday evening, yelling at Omega X members

In the video, A woman is shouting at several men in a parking lot outside.

Kang is seen verbally abusing Omega X members even after they return to the hotel, according to the SBS video.

People tried to stop her but she was going on abusing the boys in front of the elevator.

Jaehan is seen in the video picking himself up from the floor and crying until he enters the elevator.

The video was released shortly after Spire Entertainment issued an official statement on Monday afternoon regarding the CEO's alleged violence against Omega X bandmates.

A band fan made the claim on Twitter, posting an audio clip of what the writer claims is Kang yelling at his bandmates.

Spire entertainment officially apologised for the controversy.

There were statements explaining the condition of the bandmates.

Kang denied assaulting Omega X members, calling the allegations "an anti-fan allegation made against the company."