Parkland Shooter, Nikolas Jury gets life imprisonment

Four years after US most tragic high school shooting by a student of Florida, Jury spared shooter Nikolas from death penalty.

Instead the gunman who killed 17 people has been sentenced to life without parole.

Under the Florida law a death sentence could only have been handed down if jurors had unanimously recommended that Cruz should be executed.

He was spared the death penalty because one judge refused to vote for execution.

The jury's vote was 11-1 in Favour of the death penalty for Cruz. The only other option left was life in prison.

Meanwhile family members of the victims from the school shooting are upset and angry over the decision.

The jury's decision was also a shock to the prosecutors who repeatedly sought to prove that the crime committed by Cruz were calculated and premeditated.

However, the gunman's lawyer had tried to portray him mentally ill and psychologically shattered by a difficult childhood.

He was 19 years old when he walked into the high school and opened fire using illegally bought AR-15 rifle.

It has led to a debate on rising youth activism.