Amouranth being Abused By Her Husband

Streamer and content creator Kaitlyn Siragusa, aka Amouranth said that she was being Abused by her husband.

She said that her husband wants to keep their marriage secret as it can effect his business model.

She added that her husband's makes series of manipulating threats against her.

According to her, he also threatens her to kill her dog.

He wanted Amouranth to stream against her wishes and had control over Amouranth's bank acounts.

He also accused her husband of terrorizing her to broadcast content.

He also gave threats to blow her $500,000 by donating it toa bird sanctuary.

He also forced her to upload hot videos as that was an easy way to earn good money.

He is a public figure, but this is the first time Amouranth publically spoke about her personal life.