Former Indian cricket captain in a viral video seems to be mocking players' mental health.

Speaking at the ‘Chat with Champions’ event, former captain Kapil Dev admitted that he never understood words like "pressure" and "depression" and made sarcastic comments on players' mental health.

He added if players feel pressure playing in IPL then those players should opt out.

"I hear a lot of times on TV that there's a lot of pressure on players to play in the IPL. Then I only say one thing, don't play." The former captain said.

He mocked words like depression, pressure as American words.

The fans became angry as he was making sarcastic and rude statements on their players mental health.

With the increasing viewership of cricket, the pressure to do better is increasing day by day.

People find his statement baseless and immature.

People find his behavior very rude and dominating for the players in his statement