FIFA World Cup: The Best 10 All-Time Teams

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England 1966

The lone World Cup game played on their own soil ended with two overtime goals from Geoff Hurst.

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Uruguay 1930

The First World Cup had only 13 participant nations, making it one of the smallest tournaments ever.

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Argentina 1986

The inaugural World Cup had only 13 participating nations, making it one of the smallest tournaments ever.

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Spain 2010

Spain dominated the opposition with a methodical, precise passing style known as tiki-taka.

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Hungary 1954

Hungary, the lone team on this list to lose the competition, was defeated by the Germans and the weather equally, in what has come to be known as "The Miracle at Bern."

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Italy 1982

Italy, which may be the most courageous team on this list, managed to survive by playing to three draws and didn't win a group game

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Brazil 2002

The only Brazilian team to win seven games in a single tournament easily won it with an 18-4 victory over its opponents.

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France 1998

In addition to being unbeaten throughout the competition, France outscored its opponents 15-2 in seven games and defeated Brazil 3-0 to claim the championship.

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West Germany 1974

This team's legacy is partially owed to its victory over the revolutionary Dutch club that popularised the term "Total Football."

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Brazil 1970

The South American nation had previously won two championships and would later win two additional ones.